Miwayer Bamboo Conductor Music Stand – Height Adjustable with Large Bookplate


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Conduct your orchestra in style with the Miwayer Bamboo Conductor Music Stand. This high-end, adjustable music stand provides ample space for sheet music and books while adding elegance to any performance.

Premium Bamboo Construction

Expertly constructed from quality bamboo through a 6-step process, this stand is both durable and classically beautiful. The bamboo is coated in an eco-friendly finish to enhance its natural good looks and protect it from wear and tear.

Spacious 15″ x 11.4″ Bookplate

The wide desktop provides plenty of room to securely hold sheet music, books, and binders without clutter or overflow. The slanted design lets you view your notes with ease.

Adjustable Height

Customize the height from 45 to 53 inches to suit your comfort level. The smooth side knobs make it easy to find the perfect position.

Stable Weighted Base

Four solid bamboo legs and a cross support piece prevent wobbling while the sturdy 14.5 lb weighted base keeps your stand firmly planted.

Foldable for Storage

When your performance wraps up, fold the legs up underneath the bookplate to store your stand neatly away.

Beyond the Conductor’s Podium

While it makes a refined conductor’s stand, this versatile piece also works beautifully for other instruments:

– Guitarists can prop up sheet music or tablets.
– Drummers can place it beside a kit to hold notes or devices.
– Vocalists can display lyrics during karaoke or open mic performances.

Use it in your home music studio or take it on stage. The portable foldable design transports easily.

Multipurpose Uses

This stand isn’t just for musicians! Use it for:

– A restaurant menu holder
– A salon service sign
– A hotel welcome display
– A retail brochure stand
– An event registration booth

Anywhere you need an attractive upright stand for flyers, menus, pamphlets or greeting cards, this solid bamboo holder does the job with class.

Miwayer Quality

Miwayer is a professional musical instrument manufacturer dedicated to excellent craftsmanship and premium materials. This music stand exemplifies their commitment to quality products that enhance the musician’s experience.

Technical Specifications

– Materials: Bamboo, metal
– Dimensions: 15″ x 11.4″ bookplate
– Height: Adjustable from 45 to 53 inches
– Base: 14.5 lb weighted bamboo
– Foldable: Legs fold up under bookplate
– Finish: Eco-friendly coating

The Orchestra’s Choice

Elevate your next ensemble with the Miwayer Bamboo Conductor Music Stand. The spacious desktop provides ample room for your notes while the elegantly finished bamboo design adds style to any stage.

Adjust it to the ideal height for your conducting comfort. The weighted base keeps your stand sturdily in position show after show.

When the performance wraps up, fold it up neatly for storage or transport. This high-end stand is built to last for years of concerts, recitals, and rehearsals.

Conduct your orchestra with confidence by equipping yourself with the finest – the Miwayer Bamboo Conductor Music Stand. Order yours today!


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