Mooer Audio Micro TRIANGOLO Digital Tremolo Guitar Effect Pedal


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Unlock Expressive Tremolo Effects for Your Guitar Rig with the Mooer Audio Micro TRIANGOLO

The Mooer Audio Micro TRIANGOLO is a compact yet powerful digital tremolo pedal that allows guitarists to infuse their tone with rhythmic pulse and motion. With its intuitive controls and tap tempo function, the TRIANGOLO makes it easy to dial in everything from slow, hypnotic warble to rapid-fire machine gun stutter.

3 Tremolo Waveforms for Sonic Versatility

At the heart of the Micro TRIANGOLO are three different tremolo waveforms, each with their own distinct sound and feel:

Triangular: The triangle wave produces smooth, even oscillation that works equally well for subtle, vintage amp-like tremolo or more pronounced effects.

Square: With its abrupt on/off transitions, the square wave generates a choppy, rhythmic pulsation perfect for punk, surf and spaghetti western tones.

Sawtooth: The ramp up and sudden fall-off of the sawtooth wave creates a unique swooshing sensation.

Having access to all three waveforms in a single compact pedal lets you completely change the vibe and dynamic of your tremolo at the stomp of a switch.

Customize the Tremolo Rhythm

The Micro TRIANGOLO goes beyond standard speed and depth knobs by also providing control over the tremolo rhythm and subdivision via the dedicated Subdivision knob. This lets you dial in triplet feels, sync to the beat with eighth or sixteenth note patterns, or create intricate polyrhythms and textures. Choose from 5 subdivision modes:

1/1 – Whole note pulses
1/2 – Half note pulses
1/4 – Quarter note pulses
1/8 – Eighth note pulses
1/16 – Sixteenth note pulses

Whether you need measured tremolo that locks in with the groove or an abstract, free-flowing rhythm, the Subdivision knob has you covered.

Intuitive Speed Control with Tap Tempo

The Micro TRIANGOLO makes it simple and intuitive to set your preferred tremolo speed. The dedicated Speed knob allows you to dial in the LFO rate and get anywhere from relaxed, slow undulations all the way to searing high-speed throb.

For added convenience while performing, the TRIANGOLO also features a Tap Tempo switch that lets you instantly set tremolo speed in real-time by tapping in the rhythm. Simply tap a few times at the desired tempo and the TRIANGOLO will automatically match the LFO to your tapping.

Tap Tempo is a handy tool for locking in with the drums or synchronizing your tremolo pulses to match other effects.

Sculpt Your Sound with Variable Depth

The Depth control lets you determine the intensity of the tremolo effect applied to your guitar tone. Lower settings give just a hint of rhythmic modulation for subtle flavor. As you increase the Depth, the tremolo gets more pronounced – taking your tone from gentle shimmer to intense throb.

Dialing in the right depth is key for achieving the ideal blend of dry signal and tremolo effect. Light depth settings work great for accentuating leads and adding dynamic interest. Maximum depth can create radical warble, stutter, and pulse effects.

True Bypass Operation

Like all Mooer pedals, the Micro TRIANGOLO features a true bypass design that ensures your guitar tone remains unaffected when the pedal is disengaged. This allows your core guitar sound to shine through unaltered whenever the tremolo is off.

True bypass operation also prevents any loss of high end, level reduction, and signal degradation that can occur with buffered bypass circuits. The TRIANGOLO is transparent when bypassed – delivering your pure, unprocessed tone.

Compact Design, Road Ready Construction

Measuring just 2.95” x 1.89” x 1.85”, the Mooer TRIANGOLO follows the famous Micro series footprint that occupies minimal space on your pedalboard. The small but rugged aluminum alloy chassis can withstand the rigors of the road. Despite its diminutive size, the TRIANGOLO delivers the same pro-grade tones as larger tremolo stompboxes.

Powered via a standard 9V center negative power supply (not included), the Micro TRIANGOLO provides boutique tremolo effects in a pedalboard friendly enclosure.

Shape Your Sound with Hypnotic Tremolo Textures

From subtle washes to dramatic rhythmic throb, the Mooer Audio Micro TRIANGOLO puts a wide range of tremolo textures at your feet. Unlock new dimensions of expressiveness for leads and riffs with tap tempo sync, 3 waveforms, variable subdivision, speed and depth control.

The TRIANGOLO is ideal for guitarists who need supreme versatility in a super compact tremolo pedal. Claim your own boutique tremolo tones without taking up valuable pedalboard real estate.


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