MOOER GWF4 Wireless Foot Controller for Guitar Pedals and Amps


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Take control of your guitar tone with the MOOER GWF4 wireless footswitch controller. Quickly change presets, tap tempos, and tune silently with this compact yet powerful effects manager.

The GWF4 connects wirelessly via 2.4G to MOOER devices like the PRIME P1 pedal, SD30i amp, and GTRS intelligent guitar. Easily switch between presets to go from lead tones to rhythm at the stomp of a switch. Use tap tempo to set delay times for perfect syncopation with the band. The built-in tuner mutes your signal for quiet tuning between songs.

With versatile compatibility, simple operation, and wireless convenience, the GWF4 footswitch unlocks the full potential of your MOOER gear. Step into a new world of guitar tone control and play with power!


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