MOSWAG 10FT Braided Instrument Cable for Crystal Clear Sound




Experience studio quality sound right at home with the MOSWAG 10FT braided instrument cable. Specifically designed for electric guitars, bass, keyboards, and more, this premium cable provides pristine audio transfer without any signal loss.

Uncompromising Clarity for All Your Devices

The MOSWAG instrument cable is engineered with high-grade components to deliver optimal sound reproduction between your devices. The gold-plated 1/4 inch TS connectors ensure minimal resistance for transparent audio, while the durable braided nylon jacket shields against electromagnetic interference and accidental yanks.

Whether you’re plugging into an amplifier, audio interface, mixer, or speaker, you’ll enjoy crystal clear sound without any muffling or distortion. The corrosion-resistant metal connectors also provide a secure, unrelenting connection to stand up to frequent use.

Built to Last with Heavy-Duty Construction

While cheap cables may fray or short out over time, the MOSWAG instrument cable is constructed from superior materials to serve you for years to come. The flexible PVC outer jacket is abrasion-resistant to avoid cracking or tearing while the tinned copper inner wiring maintains its structural integrity through countless bends.

Strain reliefs on both connectors prevent too much tension on the joint – the most vulnerable part of any cable. Rigorous tensile testing shows the cable can withstand over 10,000 bends without failure. This heavy-duty design ensures signal stability and safety for your expensive gear.

Universal Compatibility for All Your Devices

With a 1/4 inch TS connector on each end, the MOSWAG instrument cable plugs into a diverse range of musical equipment like:

– Electric guitars
– Bass guitars
– Keyboards
– Audio interfaces
– Mixing consoles
– Guitar amplifiers
– Powered monitors
– PA speakers
– And more!

The 10FT length gives you the flexibility to set up your studio or stage the way you want without having to stay right next to your amp. Take your guitar playing across the room or perform on a large stage without signal loss or connectivity issues.

Built for the Stage or Studio

Whether you’re playing live, recording tracks, or practicing at home, the MOSWAG instrument cable delivers the performance you need. The noise-free audio transfer lets you hear every subtle nuance of your playing so you can keep improving your skills.

Use it to connect:

– Electric guitars to amps/PA systems during gigs
– Bass to the mixing console for recording sessions
– Keyboards to monitors when producing tracks
– Audio interfaces to monitors/amp simulators when practicing at home

With exceptional frequency response and minimal distortion, this cable brings out the true tone of your instruments for both live and studio applications.

Premium Features

– 10FT length for flexibility in setup
– Gold-plated 1/4 inch TS connectors for optimal conductivity
– Braided nylon jacket resists abrasion and tangling
– PVC outer jacket withstands stage use and frequent bending
– Copper inner wiring maintains signal integrity
– Strain relief on both connectors prevents damage
– Withstands over 10,000 bends during testing
– Crystal clear sound without hum or distortion
– Compatible with guitars, bass, keys, amps, speakers, mixers, audio interfaces, and more


– Length: 10FT
– Connectors: 1/4 inch TS male to 1/4 inch TS male
– Conductor: Tinned copper
– Cable jacket: Braided nylon, PVC outer jacket
– Wire gauge: 22 AWG
– Withstands over 10,000 bends
– Gold-plated corrosion-resistant connectors

Designed for Reliability

Cheap instrument cables may cut out intermittently or stop working altogether after a short while. The MOSWAG cable is carefully engineered to deliver years of flawless performance. The high-quality components and robust construction keep your audio signal strong no matter how often you use it.

Touring musicians, home studio producers, and casual players alike can enjoy the consistent connectivity and crystal clear sound show after show. This cable is designed to handle the wear and tear of regular use without compromise.

Love Your Sound

Transform your home audio setup and take your live performances to the next level with the MOSWAG 10FT braided instrument cable. Hear every subtle note as you practice guitar, record crisp vocals and instruments in the studio, and deliver your sound to the mix unaltered during gigs.

Experience professional grade audio transfer to truly love your sound. Click Add to Cart now to get studio sound quality right at home!


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