Movo Wireless Mini DI Duo Dual Lavalier Microphone System – Portable Professional Audio for Content Creators




Elevate your content creation with pro-quality audio using the Movo Wireless Mini DI Duo Dual Lavalier Microphone System. Featuring two clip-on wireless mini mics and handheld adapters, this portable system delivers clear, reliable audio for mobile reporting, interviews, live streams, YouTube, podcasts, and more.

Going wireless eliminates cumbersome cables that limit movement and flexibility during recording. The Mini DI mics use secure 2.4GHz transmission with 164ft range, capturing crisp audio free from interference. From news interviews to fitness instruction, these mics enable you to move freely while recording high-definition sound.

Each Mini DI microphone features an omnidirectional pickup pattern to cleanly pick up audio from any direction. The tiny, lightweight mics clip discretely onto clothing for a professional appearance on camera. Just clip on the mic, sync with the receiver, and you’re ready for reliable wireless recording.

Dual Mic and Handheld Setup for Versatile Recording

The Mini DI Duo system includes two wireless microphones for greater flexibility in interview, multi-person, and remote reporting situations. With two bodypack transmitters and mini clip-on mics, you can mic up two separate audio sources for clear two-person recordings.

For handheld use, the included WMX-HM adapters allow you to convert each Mini DI into a comfortable handheld mic. Grip the mic or mount it to a stand for professional handheld recording. Use handheld mode for interviews, voiceovers, singing, or instrument recording. With two mics and adapters, you can alternate between clip-on lavalier and handheld setups.

Extended Battery Life and Durable Construction

With up to 10 hours of battery life, you can be confident the Mini DI system will cover all-day recording sessions without interruption. The USB charging case provides safe storage and charging between uses. Everything fits neatly into the included hard-shell carrying case.

Designed for life on the move, the Mini DI Duo withstands the demands of mobile recording. The transmitters and mics are constructed from durable ABS plastic to withstand accidental bumps and drops while out in the field. The carrying case lets you transport the system safely wherever the story takes you.

Quick and Easy Wireless Audio

Syncing the Mini DI is fast and hassle-free. Simply plug the receiver into your phone, camcorder, or DSLR, power on the transmitter, and you’ll be up and running within seconds. The auto-scan function finds and assigns the ideal frequency for interference-free operation.

With plug-and-play ease of use and reliable wireless transmission, the Mini DI Duo simplifies mobile and multi-person recording. Save time messing with cables and focus on creating compelling content. Just clip on the mics and you’re ready to interview, demonstrate, and record anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Dual wireless system with 2 mini lavalier microphones and handheld adapters
  • 2.4GHz wireless transmission range up to 164 feet
  • Omnidirectional mics pick up clear audio from all directions
  • 10 hours of battery life for all-day recording sessions
  • Handheld adapters for converting mics to handheld mode
  • Auto-scan function assigns best frequency
  • Plug-and-play setup with cameras, phones, and tablets
  • Durable construction for outdoor recording
  • Hard-shell carrying case for protection and portability
  • 1-year warranty

Take your content to the next level with exceptional audio pickup using the Movo Mini DI Duo Dual Wireless Lavalier Microphone System. With robust connectivity, extended battery life, and portable convenience, these mics make it easy to capture studio-quality sound on location, outdoors, and on the move. Order the Mini DI Duo today and elevate your videos with clear, professional wireless audio.


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