MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay Pedal Bundle – Vintage Echo Tones with Warm Analog Delay




Experience the renowned analog delay tones of the MXR Carbon Copy in this comprehensive bundle. With rich, all-analog delay up to 600ms, this pedal provides the lush echo effects that defined the iconic sounds of rock and roll history. Combined with handy accessories like patch cables, a power supply, and picks, this bundle gives you everything needed to explore gorgeous vintage delay tones.

All-Analog Bucket Brigade Circuitry

At the heart of the Carbon Copy lies meticulously crafted bucket brigade circuitry, using old-school MN3005 chips to produce the musical warmth and depth of classic analog delay tones. Running your guitar signal through this specialized hardware imparts the distinctive character and vibe of iconic vintage delay units, preserving the full integrity and clarity of your natural tone.

Up To 600ms of Analog Delay Time

With a delay time range of 1ms all the way up to 600ms, the Carbon Copy gives you an exceptionally wide palette of ambient effects. Dial in just a touch of delay to thicken up your guitar tone with natural dimension, or crank up the repeats for long, spaced-out echoes that trail off into infinity. From a subtle chorus-like shimmer to cavernous, spaced-out soundscapes, this pedal delivers every analog delay tone you could want.

Modulation Adds Vintage Warble and Movement

The Mod control dials in modulation, emulating the warble and pitch fluctuations of old tape echo units. From a light chorus-like wobble to seasick pitch bending, this adds vintage movement and character to your repeats. It brings your delay tones to life with the enticing imperfections of classic hardware delays.

Intuitive Controls with Bucket Brigade Style Knobs

Sporting retro-styled knobs reminiscent of old Echoplex units, the Carbon Copy makes dialing in lush analog delay tones wonderfully intuitive. The Regen knob adjusts the number of delay repeats, while the Mix knob blends the delayed signal with your original dry tone. The Delay knob sets the delay time, with a multi-position switch for coarse adjustments. Topping it off, the Mod button enables modulation with color-coded LEDs indicating rate.

Road-Ready Design Built for Gigging Guitarists

Housed in a rugged aluminum chassis, the Carbon Copy is built for the realities of gigging and touring. The pedal runs on a standard 9V center negative power supply, included in this bundle along with a pair of 20’ instrument patch cables for quick and easy hookup to your existing pedalboard and amp rig. Also included are 6 Dunlop Tortex guitar picks, giving you everything needed to explore gorgeous vintage delay tones with no additional purchases required.

The Carbon Copy Delay Pedal Bundle Includes:

– MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay Pedal
– 6 Dunlop Tortex Guitar Picks
– 2 Black 20′ Metal-Ended Instrument Patch Cables
– 9 Volt DC Power Supply Adapter

Vintage Analog Delay Tones for Guitar and Bass

The Carbon Copy is a versatile pedal that works wonders on both guitar and bass. Guitarists can conjure up the languid, spaced-out delay tones of Pink Floyd, the bucking bronco slapback of early rockabilly, or the trippy rhythmic echoes of The Edge. Bassists can thicken up low end while adding a touch of ambience, or get freaky with oscillating textures. From roots rock to ambient dream pop, this pedal delivers the definitive sounds of analog delay.

The Carbon Copy On Your Pedalboard

A prized possession among countless pro guitarists, the Carbon Copy is an ideal analog delay for pedalboards of all sizes and styles. The rich vintage sound enhances classic pedals like overdrive, fuzz, chorus, and more without obscuring their core tones. It’s also great for amps lacking built-in reverb, lending a touch of ambience that makes your guitar sing. And it stacks brilliantly with reverb pedals, creating layered, textural soundscapes.

Take Your Tone Back In Time

Far more than just another digital recreation, the Carbon Copy brings genuine bucket brigade analog delay to guitarists and bassists seeking the real deal. Dialing up the warmth, texture, and vibe of vintage hardware delays, this pedal is a passport to the iconic echo tones of rock history. Grab the bundle to get this sought-after effect and essential accessories in one ready-to-rock package.


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