Native Instruments Traktor X1 – Total DJ Control in a Compact Modular Package




Get flexible, portable control over your DJ software setup with the Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol X1 modular DJ controller. This compact yet powerful controller was designed from the ground up for use with Traktor Pro 3 DJ software, putting the controls you need within easy reach.

Measuring just over 10 inches in width, the Traktor X1 controller is highly portable so you can set up and perform anywhere. Despite its small size, the X1 provides DJs with essential tactile control over decks, cue points, effects, loops, and track navigation when used with Traktor Pro 3.

Visual Feedback for Intuitive Control

Five high-contrast OLED displays provide vital track information and feedback. See your active loop size, cue points, BPM, and playback position at a glance. The displays also highlight playback status, so you know when a track is nearing the end or caught in a loop.

User-defined RGB lighting under the deck and effects controls help you visually identify which deck you’re controlling. Set the deck buttons to glow blue for deck A and red for deck B, for example. The lighting also provides visual feedback when you trigger loops, cues, and effects.

Essential Deck Control

The Traktor Kontrol X1 puts key DJ deck and transport functions right at your fingertips. Dedicated buttons allow you to play, pause, cue, cup, and sync tracks with just a press. Scrub through tracks manually or frame by frame using the touch strip for precision.

Trigger up to four colorful hot cue points per deck to quickly jump around in your tracks. The eight RGB performance pads give you visual confirmation when you activate a hot cue or loop.

Adjust the jog wheel tension for just the right platter feel. The high-resolution jog wheels respond accurately to nudges, scratches, and pitch bends.

Powerful Looping & FX Control

Get dedicated control over Traktor’s powerful loop and FX modules. Activate loop record, adjust the loop size on the fly, and set auto-loop lengths with the looping section.

Trigger FX and cycle through effect units with the FX controls. Tweak FX parameters using the knobs for hands-on creative expression. The X1 provides DJs with flexible control over two simultaneous FX per deck.

Between the jog wheels, hot cues, looping, and effects controls, the X1 enables DJs to add creative flair on the fly. Rearrange tracks, layer sounds, and inject FX to make each set unique.

Modular Design

The X1 integrates seamlessly with Native Instruments’ other Traktor Kontrol hardware for modular system expansion. Add the X1 alongside an F1 controller for extended looping/FX control. Or pair it with a Z1 mixer for effects tweaking and track deck management in one compact setup.

Connect up to four X1 units together to control all four Traktor decks from separate controllers. Customize your configuration to suit your needs and style.

Highly Portable Construction

A durable plastic construction ensures the X1 stands up to the rigors of travel and regular gigging. The controller weighs under 2 pounds for effortless portability.

The see-through bottom shell allows the RGB LEDs to shine through for stunning visual effects. The LEDs also provide valuable visual feedback in dark DJ booths where the OLED screens may be hard to read.

Power the X1 via USB bus power from your laptop. No bulky power adapter needed, allowing for streamlined setup. Just plug in a USB cable between your laptop and X1 controller and you’re ready to start mixing.

Traktor Pro 3 Integration

The X1 unlocks the potential of Traktor Pro 3, Native Instruments’ industry-leading DJ software. All controls instantly map to core Traktor functions for a seamless workflow.

Access essential remix decks features like one-shot sample triggers, loop slicer, and sequencer modes. The X1’s controls integrate with Traktor’s STEMS file format for creative track decomposition.

Browse tracks, set cue points, and pre-listen with headphones using the Traktor software. Then use the X1 to perform with those tracks and cues. DJ with the freedom of a controller combined with the features of advanced DJ software.

Take Your DJ Sets on the Road

For DJs that want professional, portable control over their sets, the Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol X1 is an ideal solution. Slip the durable X1 controller into a backpack or gig bag and hit the road.

In the studio, the X1 provides hands-on control of Traktor Pro 3 for production workflows. Add creative flare and analog feel to your digital DJ setup.

Whether producing tracks at home or rocking parties on the weekend, the ultra-portable X1 controller opens up new creative possibilities. Unlock the full potential of Traktor Pro 3 with the Kontrol X1 by your side.


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