Neewer 6-Pack XLR Male to XLR Female Audio Mic Cables – 24.9ft Colored Cords for Microphones, Mixers, Speakers – Purple, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green


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Make Your Sound Setup Shine with Neewer’s 6-Pack of Colorful XLR Audio Cables

Whether you’re setting up a recording studio, outfitting a stage, or installing new AV equipment, high-quality audio cables are essential for transmitting your sound cleanly and clearly. This 6-pack from Neewer provides everything you need to connect professional audio components like microphones, mixers, and speakers.

Crafted with oxygen-free copper conductors and thick PVC jackets, these XLR male to female cables deliver your audio signal without interference, noise, or loss of clarity. The 24.9-foot length gives you plenty of room to work with, letting you easily run cables across a room or stage without straining connections.

Six vibrant colors – purple, red, blue, orange, yellow, and green – make organization a breeze. Use the colors to label different channels, quickly identify sources, or assign cables to band members. The flexibility of the PVC exterior also makes the cables easy to coil up neatly when not in use.

With professional-level performance, rugged durability, and versatile color-coding, this 6-pack from Neewer has all the features you need in XLR patch cables for amplified instruments, mics, mixers, and more:

<b>Oxygen-Free Copper Conductors</b>
The wires inside each cable are crafted from pure, oxygen-free copper. This material maximizes audio conductivity for clear, accurate signal transfer without loss of quality. OFC construction reduces interference and static as well.

<b>Low-Noise Dual Conductors</b>
Two insulated conductors run through each cable, providing better cancellation of electromagnetic interference and radio frequency noise. This further optimizes your audio signal transmission.

<b>Rugged PVC Jacket</b>
A flexible PVC jacket protects the cables from nicks, scrapes, and abrasion damage. This heavy-duty exterior withstands the rigors of stage use for long-lasting performance. The flexibility also makes the cables easy to roll up neatly.

<b>Secure XLR Connections</b>
Each end terminates in a male or female XLR connector made from corrosion-resistant metal. The snug fit prevents disconnections and improves durability compared to loose or worn connections.

<b>24.9-Foot Length</b>
With nearly 25 feet of cable, you can set up your equipment how you want it, running cable along walls and across rooms without pull or strain. Length equates to flexibility for installs and stage setups.

<b>Six Vibrant Colors</b>
Purple, red, blue, orange, yellow, and green jackets make each cable easy to identify. Use the colors to label different channels, audio sources, speaker lines, band member hookups, and more.

Take Your Audio Hookups to the Next Level

Mediocre cables loaded with interference and poor conductivity hold your professional audio setup back. To get the most out of your mics, mixing boards, amps, and speakers, you need cables designed to optimize signal transfer.

Neewer’s 6-pack of XLR cables gives you that professional-level performance in a versatile, color-coded package. With oxygen-free copper conductors, low-noise dual wiring, rugged jacketing, and industry-standard XLR connectors, they deliver pristine audio quality show after show.

Whether you’re running a live sound setup for a band, outfitting a studio, or installing an AV system, you can count on Neewer’s audio cables to transmit sound cleanly and accurately. Pick up this multi-pack today to get all the high-end XLR patch cords you need in one convenient bundle.


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