Neotech Sousaphone Cradle Pad – Protect Your Sousaphone from Damage During Marching Band Performances


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The sousaphone is an iconic instrument in marching bands, bringing deep, rich tones to ensemble performances. However, the large size and awkward shape of the sousaphone can make it difficult to rest the instrument on the ground without causing dents, scratches, or other damage. This is where the Neotech Sousaphone Cradle Pad comes in. This ingenious accessory provides a protective barrier between your sousaphone and the ground, letting you confidently rest your sousaphone during parades, field shows, and more.

Rugged, Durable Construction

The Neotech Sousaphone Cradle Pad features a padded cradle design made from rugged, balistic nylon. This tough, abrasion-resistant material can withstand the ground friction that could scratch or scuff an unprotected sousaphone bottom bow. The interior of the pad features a soft, non-marring fabric that gently cushions your instrument.

Adjustable Fit for Most Sousaphones

This sousaphone pad comes with fully adjustable hook and loop fasteners so you can easily attach and detach the pad as needed. The fasteners allow you to customize the fit for your specific sousaphone bell size and shape. Once adjusted, the fasteners keep the pad securely in place even during active marching. When not in use, the pad can be left attached to your sousaphone for protection inside the case.

Full Bottom Bow Coverage

With dimensions of 29” x 8.5”, the Sousaphone Cradle Pad provides full coverage across the entire bottom bow. The pad extends from the rim of the bell out to the edge of the bottom bow curve. This gives complete surface protection wherever you need to rest your sousaphone on hard or uneven outdoor terrain.

Take a Load Off During Performances

The sousaphone is one of the heaviest marching instruments, with professional models weighing 30 pounds or more. Trying to hold an instrument of this size for an entire marching band show can take a toll on even the strongest musicians. With the Neotech Sousaphone Cradle Pad, you can securely rest your sousa on the ground while the band is at attention or during longer rests between songs. The pad allows you to give your arms and back a break without worrying about damaging your instrument.

High Quality Music Accessories

Neotech accessories are designed and manufactured in Bozeman, Montana using premium materials. All Neotech products are American made and family owned. The company has over 30 years experience providing musicians with accessories that offer maximum comfort, functionality and protection. The Neotech Sousaphone Cradle Pad continues this tradition with an innovative solution to an important need for sousaphone players.

Customer Reviews

“This cradle pad saved my sousaphone! I had to set my sousaphone down on some gravel during a parade, which I was always worried about damaging the instrument. The pad protected the bottom perfectly. I won’t march without it again.”

“Really helps me protect my sousaphone during field shows when I need to rest my arms. The adjustability makes it easy to get a good tight fit on my sousaphone bell.”

“Good quality pad and easy to get on and off when needed. It stays put securely when attached. Gives me peace of mind that my sousa won’t get dented.”

Order With Confidence

Protect your sousaphone investment with the Neotech Sousaphone Cradle Pad. With its durable padded construction, adjustable fit, and full bottom bow coverage, this accessory provides the ultimate protection during marching performances. Order now to keep your sousaphone safe from dents and damage!


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