Odyssey KCC4PR2SL DJ Turntable Cartridges


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Transport and Protect Your Turntable Cartridges with Odyssey’s KCC4PR2SL

The Odyssey KCC4PR2SL is a premium turntable cartridge case designed to safely transport, organize, and protect your valuable vinyl cartridges. With space for up to 4 cartridges, a spare stylus compartment, and sturdy construction, this case keeps your DJ gear protected wherever your gigs take you.

Silver and Chrome Exterior

The KCC4PR2SL features an elegant silver and chrome coated exterior that looks great alongside your other DJ gear. The sleek metallic finish gives the case a stylish, professional look. The chrome corners help protect your cartridges from damage.

Holds Up to 4 Cartridges

This case includes four individual suspension compartments sized to fit most standard cartridges. The slots have foam padding and elastic straps to securely hold cartridges in place. With space for up to four cartridges, you can organize and transport your working set without worrying about damage.

Spare Stylus Storage

A special spare stylus compartment allows you to safely carry replacement needles. Keeping spare styli with your cartridges ensures you always have backups on hand. The compartment has foam padding to protect delicate stylus tips.

Soft Low-Density Lid Foam

The inside lid is lined with soft, low-density foam padding to cushion your cartridges. The foam absorbs impacts and vibrations while preventing scratching. Your cartridges are secured and isolated from shocks that could cause skipping or damage during transport.

Rugged Construction

Made from durable roto-molded plastic, this case is built to protect your cartridges gig after gig. The rigid sides provide excellent protection against crushing forces. Chrome plated hardware further enhances the case’s structural integrity. Integrated metal ball corners add even more impact absorption.

Ergonomic Carry Handle

An overmolded carry handle makes transportation easy and comfortable. The ergonomic handle position distributes weight evenly when carrying so your hand won’t fatigue. This is crucial for getting your gear safely from your vehicle to the gig.

Stackable Design

The KCC4PR2SL is designed to stack securely with other Odyssey gear. The shape and construction allows stable stacking up to 8 cases high. Stack matching cases to conserve space when transporting or storing multiple cases.

Keep Your Cartridges Safe

Vinyl cartridges are delicate and must be handled with care to prevent stylus and cantilever damage. One wrong drop can ruin an expensive cartridge. Placing cartridges loosely in a bag leaves them vulnerable to crushing impacts, dust contamination, and physical damage.

The KCC4PR2SL protects your investment by securing cartridges in padded, isolated compartments. The snug fit keeps cartridges from bouncing around, while the soft interior prevents scratching. With space for up to 4 cartridges plus spare styli, this case has everything you need to keep your DJ cartridges safe.

Designed for DJs

Odyssey products are designed with DJs in mind to solve common problems. The KCC4PR2SL protects the delicate equipment DJs rely on to perform. With this case, you can focus on your music rather than worrying about damaged gear. The stylish look matches other modern DJ equipment.

Odyssey Quality

Odyssey has been a leading brand in DJ gear for over 20 years. They are known for innovative designs that offer maximum protection. All products go through rigorous testing to ensure they meet Odyssey’s stringent quality standards. With an Odyssey case, you know your equipment is in good hands.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your purchase is backed by Odyssey’s guarantee of satisfaction. If you are not completely happy with this turntable cartridge case, you can return it for a replacement or refund. Odyssey stands behind their products and customer satisfaction.

Keep your valuable vinyl cartridges protected during transport and storage with the Odyssey KCC4PR2SL DJ turntable cartridge case. With room for 4 cartridges, spare stylus storage, and rugged construction, this case provides reliable protection gig after gig. Pick up the KCC4PR2SL to keep your DJ gear safe on the road.


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