OneOdio Pro Studio Monitor Mixing Headphones with Detachable Cables


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Experience your music like never before with the OneOdio Pro studio monitor headphones. Designed for audio professionals and music enthusiasts alike, these over-ear headphones provide crisp, balanced sound for mixing, mastering, tracking, podcasting, and simply enjoying your favorite tunes.

Precise Sound Quality for Recording and Mixing

The OneOdio Pro headphones deliver clear, accurate audio reproduction so you can hear every detail in your mixes and recordings. Large 50mm speaker drivers tuned to encompass the full sonic spectrum allow you to identify subtle tones that typical headphones miss. From the deepest bass tones to the brightest highs, you’ll get transparent, uncolored sound.

DJs, musicians, and podcasters will appreciate these headphones for monitoring tracks and performances. The excellent sound isolation blocks external noise so you can focus entirely on the nuances of each instrument, vocal, and more. When you need to get the sound just right, you can trust the OneOdio Pro headphones to give you pristine detail.

Premium Comfort for Extended Wear

You’ll be able to wear these professional headphones for hours thanks to the lightweight build and plush padding. The self-adjusting headband and 90° swiveling ear cups customize the fit. Breathable protein leather earpads reduce heat buildup. This exceptional comfort lets you focus on your projects without distraction.

The OneOdio Pro headphones have been tested to support long mixing and tracking sessions in the studio. Their ergonomic design is equally at home for recreational listening like streaming movies, playing games, orrelaxing to your favorite playlist. The rugged build also makes them ideal headphones for kids and teens.

Convenient Inline Controls and Detachable Cables

Inline controls on the headphone cable allow quick adjustment of volume and switching tracks without fumbling for your connected device. The coiled 9.8 foot cable provides ample reach to your equipment while minimizing clutter.

Both 3.5mm and 6.35mm plugs are included and easily detachable from the cable. Use your choice of plugs to connect to mixers, phones, tablets, laptops, guitars, keyboards, amps, and more. Cables can be replaced or upgraded as needed.

Designed for Versatility

With a secure fit and crisp sound reproduction, the OneOdio Pro headphones work for:

– Music, podcast, voiceover production
– Field recording, filmmaking
– DJ mixing
– Gaming, live streaming
– Playing musical instruments
– Personal listening on the go

Swiveling earcups allow single-ear monitoring so you can stay aware of your surroundings. Listen to your tracks while collaborating with others.

Hear the Difference

Experience music at a whole new level with the OneOdio Pro studio monitor headphones. The accurate sound combined with exceptional comfort empowers you to work on your projects for hours without fatigue.

Whether you’re recording vocals, dialing in the perfect guitar tone, mixing a podcast, or just want to get lost in your favorite songs, these headphones deliver amazing quality.

Pick up the OneOdio Pro headphones and transform the way you listen today.


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