OnStage KS7350 Pro Heavy-Duty Folding Keyboard Stand – Sturdy, Portable Z-Frame for 88-Key Digital Pianos


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The OnStage KS7350 Pro folding keyboard stand provides sturdy, adjustable support for your 88-key digital piano or keyboard controller during practice, performance, and transportation. This heavy-duty Z-stand frame is built with portability and versatility in mind.

Sturdy Support for 88-Key Keyboards

Whether you’re playing at home, on stage, or on the go, the OnStage KS7350 Pro keeps your keyboard or digital piano stable and secure. The rugged steel construction features a double center brace design that reinforces the frame for reliable support. Nonslip traction pads on the top cradle your keyboard, preventing slides and scratches during transport or enthusiastic performance.

Adjustable rubber feet at the base provide stability on various surfaces. The stand holds up to 130 lbs, more than enough for most 88-key keyboards. For extremely heavy keyboards, an optional reinforcement bar provides extra strength and support.

Fits Various Keyboard Sizes

The OnStage KS7350 Pro folding keyboard stand accommodates 88-key digital pianos, synth keyboards, MIDI controllers, and more. It adjusts in width from 21 to 36 inches and in height from 23.5 to 36.5 inches.

Once you find the perfect position, tighten the knobs to lock the width and height securely in place. The adjustable Z-frame ensures you can play your keyboard ergonomically while sitting or standing. Your wrists will thank you.

Sets Up Fast, Stores Away Easily

Thanks to the tool-free assembly, the OnStage KS7350 Pro can be set up or folded away in seconds. Unfold the legs, lock the braces, adjust the width and height, and you’re ready to play.

When it’s time to pack up, the legs fold inward and lock together. No need to disassemble the entire frame! The compact design makes the stand easy to store and transport to your next gig or rehearsal.

Play Any Direction You Choose

The unique open Z-design allows you to position your keyboard facing either direction. Place the stand sideways and play from the front or back. Put it lengthwise and play from either side. Whatever your space requires or preference dictates, this stand can accommodate.

If you need to switch sides during a performance, simply pivot the keyboard 180 degrees. No need to move the entire bulky stand! The open frame provides flexibility without adding setup time.

Extra-Stable Performance Position

For maximum stability during gigs or energetic practice sessions, the rear braces can be positioned completely horizontal. Flip both back supports flat and lock them into place with the knobs.

This creates an extremely rigid, wobble-free platform, ideal for aggressive playing. When transporting the stand, just raise the braces back to their angled positions. The versatile functionality makes this stand perfect for both portable and permanent setups.

Designed for Gigging Musicians

OnStage has been designing gear for musicians since 1997. They know what performers need from their equipment. This heavy-duty folding keyboard stand is purpose-built with thegigging musician in mind.

The steel construction and double braces offer maximum durability for life on the road while still keeping weight manageable at just under 19 lbs. The folding design and included carrying bag provide easy transport from venue to venue.

Whether you’re playing pop, rock, jazz, or classical, the OnStage KS7350 Pro stand offers reliable support that you can trust night after night. All it takes is one collapsed keyboard stand to ruin a show. Don’t leave your performance to chance – get the stability you need with the Pro!

Buy With Confidence

OnStage stands come with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can purchase with peace of mind. Many musicians have relied on OnStage keyboard stands for decades, whether practicing at home or touring the globe. With the KS7350 Pro, you’re making an investment that will last for years of regular use.

Provide sturdy support for your 88-key digital piano and enhance your performance with the OnStage KS7350 Pro folding keyboard stand. Order today and experience reliable quality you can trust!


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