Orange Amplifiers CRUSH 20RT Electric Guitar Amp


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The Orange Amplifiers CRUSH 20RT electric guitar amp delivers iconic Orange tone in a portable and affordable package. With 20 watts of solid state power, the CRUSH 20RT is ideal for practice, jamming, and smaller gigs. It’s lightweight and easy to transport, but still packs a punch thanks to the Orange Voice of the World 8″ speaker.

Two Footswitchable Channels

The CRUSH 20RT offers two footswitchable channels for tonal versatility. Channel 1 provides classic clean tones with sparkling highs and tight low end. Crank the gain and volume for natural overdrive when you dig in. Channel 2 serves up the signature Orange crunch – from smooth bluesy grit to full-on distortion. The included footswitch makes it easy to switch channels for dynamic tone shaping during a gig.

Iconic Orange Tone

While compact, the CRUSH 20RT delivers the renowned Orange tone that’s influenced generations of players. The Voice of the World speaker captures the warmth and richness that Orange is known for. Whether you play rock, blues, alternative, or metal, the CRUSH 20RT responds with fat lows, lush mids, and sizzling highs.

3-Band EQ

Shape your sound with the onboard 3-band EQ. Bass, middle, and treble controls allow you to easily dial in just the right tonal balance. Cut or boost frequencies to sit better in the mix or stand out during a solo.

Built-in Reverb

The built-in reverb adds dimension and space to your tone. Easily adjust the reverb level to suit different rooms and playing styles. From a touch of ambience to cavernous halls, the reverb enhances your guitar’s natural resonance.

Gain & Volume Controls

The gain and volume controls provide extensive tonal options. Crank the gain to push the amp into distortion when soloing then roll it back for cleaner rhythms. Use the volume knob to adjust your stage volume without altering your core tone.

Headphone Output

The headphone output makes the CRUSH 20RT ideal for silent practice at home. Just plug in your headphones and you can rock out without disturbing others. The headphone jack also doubles as a line out for connecting to a mixing board or recording interface.

Additional Features

– Aux input for jamming along with music from a phone/MP3 player

– 8 ohm speaker output for adding an external cabinet

– Lightweight design (just 17.6 lbs) perfect for gigging musicians

So if you’re looking for an affordable but gig-worthy tube-style guitar amp, check out the Orange Amplifiers CRUSH 20RT. It puts legendary Orange tone within reach of working musicians. Order the CRUSH 20RT and unleash iconic crunch!


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