Orff Bongo Drums – 4 Sets Wood Bongo Drums for Beginner Kids Ages 9-12 – Double Drum Head with 2 Mallets – Safe Tambourine Set for Toddlers




Discover the joy of music and rhythm with the Orff Bongo Drums – a high quality 4 piece drum set designed for beginner kids ages 9-12. Crafted from rich, natural wood with double drum heads, this tambourine drum set allows young musicians to explore sound and beat in a safe and fun way.

The Orff bongo drum contains a set of 2 conga-like drums secured in a durable wood frame. Each drum features an animal graphic – either an elephant or a lion – adding whimsy and character. The drums are sized appropriately for kids, with 6 inch and 5 inch diameter heads. Young players can sit or stand to play, holding a drum securely in each hand.

Superior Materials and Safe Design
The Orff bongo drum set is handcrafted from high quality wood, sanded and finished for a smooth surface. Attention to detail ensures no sharp edges, making this drum set safe for kids’ hands. The animal graphic drum heads are made from durable and responsive materials that provide excellent tone when struck with the included mallets.

Develop Rhythm and Musicianship
Learning to play the bongo drums allows children to explore rhythm, beat patterns, and hand-eye coordination. The two different sized drums create contrasting tones – the smaller drum has a higher pitch. Kids can alternate hands, play both drums together, follow or improvise rhythms, and explore musical expression. Bongo drums are an ideal first percussion instrument to nurture an early love and appreciation for music.

High Quality Complete Set for Kids
The Orff Bongo Drum Set includes:
– Bongo drum frame with 6″ and 5″ double headed drums
– 2 child-sized bongo mallets
– E-book with bongo playing tips and rhythmic activities
– Durable canvas carrying case

The ergonomic mallets fit comfortably in kids’ hands, encouraging proper technique. The carrying case makes it easy to transport and store the set. The e-book provides guidance for parents and teachers on teaching rhythm and playing fundamentals.

With the Orff Bongo Drums, kids can gain confidence playing music, learn hand coordination, and explore creative expression. The drums foster listening skills, focus, and motor skills. This complete drum set enables beginners ages 9-12 to discover the excitement of percussion instruments. The Orff bongo drums are built to last and crafted to inspire a lifelong passion for music.


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