Oriental Music Sanctuary Cambodian Scented Rosewood JingErhu – Authentic Chinese Fiddle for Peking Opera


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Experience the enchanting sounds of Chinese tradition with the Oriental Music Sanctuary Cambodian Scented Rosewood JingErhu. Handcrafted by master musicians, this authentic Chinese fiddle unleashes the soaring melodies of Peking opera and folk music.

Captivating Cambodian Scented Rosewood Construction

The JingErhu features a body hand-carved from gorgeous Cambodian scented rosewood. Known for its rich, complex tone and captivating fragrance, this tonewood lends the fiddle a colorful voice with singing overtones. The rosewood creates a balanced, responsive string vibration for dynamic expression.

Quality Components for Optimal Playability

Constructed with premium components, the JingErhu delivers exceptional playability for musicians at any level. It features an python skin soundboard that provides crisp, clear resonance across the strings. The fiddle includes a quality horsehair bow with Mongolian horse tail hair to produce smooth, singing tones.

Traditional Tuning for Peking Opera

Tuned in the traditional Chinese tuning of 5-2 (ErHuang), this fiddle is optimized for performing the soaring arias of Peking opera. The open strings G-D-A mimic the tenor vocal range, allowing you to capture the intense emotions of epic Chinese theater. It can also be tuned in a 6-3 (XiPi) tuning for folk music.

Premium Hard Shell Case for Protection

The JingErhu comes complete with a durable hard shell case lined with plush padding. The case features back straps for easy transport and storage, ensuring your fiddle remains safe wherever your musical journey takes you. Interior compartments hold the fiddle snugly while the bow clips into place.

Start Playing Straight Out of the Box

This complete fiddle package comes with everything you need to start playing right away. Along with the fiddle and bow, it includes:

– Rosin cake for the bow
– Shoulder rest pad
– Extra strings
– Polishing cloth
– Tuner
– Instructional booklet

Whether you’re a beginner exploring Chinese music for the first time or an experienced musician diving deeper into Chinese melodies, this exquisite fiddle is your passport to an authentic musical experience.

Built for Lifelong Enjoyment

Handcrafted with care using traditional techniques, this fiddle is built to provide a lifetime of rich tone and resonant voice. Its excellent craftsmanship and premium materials deliver durable construction that withstands years of regular playing. With proper care, the fiddle will age beautifully over time.

About Oriental Music Sanctuary

Oriental Music Sanctuary specializes in creating fine Chinese musical instruments including the erhu, zhonghu, banhu, jinghu, and more. Founded in 2005 by Chinese musician Kun Han, the shop brings together skilled artisans and musicians to carry on China’s musical heritage.

Located in New York City’s Chinatown, Oriental Music Sanctuary hand selects premium tonewoods, strings, and components for constructing traditional Chinese fiddles by hand. They strive to make these instruments accessible to musicians from all backgrounds who wish to experience China’s rich musical culture.

Shop with Confidence

Each instrument comes backed by Oriental Music Sanctuary’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. They provide friendly, knowledgeable customer service and ensure your complete satisfaction.

Bring home the resonant tones of China with the Oriental Music Sanctuary Cambodian Scented Rosewood JingErhu. Hear the warm, complex voice of this handcrafted rosewood fiddle for yourself today.


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