OriGlam 10pcs Drum Mute Drumstick Silent Tip Silent Practice Tips Drum Dampener Silicone Drumstick Silent Drum Practice Percussion Tips Mute Replacement (Black)


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Play drums anytime, anywhere with the OriGlam Drum Mute Drumstick Silent Tips. These innovative drum dampeners allow drummers to practice in silence so you can refine your technique without disturbing others.

The 10 drum mute tips in this set are made of premium silicone that is durable yet soft to provide an authentic rebound feel when playing on pads or drums. The flexible material absorbs vibration and impact to drastically reduce noise up to 80% compared to standard drumsticks.

Key Features:

  • Set of 10 durable silicone drumstick tips
  • Fits most standard 5A, 5B, 7A drumsticks
  • Soft rubber absorbs vibration for quiet playing
  • Retains rebound and response for realistic practice
  • Lightweight and portable for use anywhere

Play Drums in Silence

Tired of getting noise complaints whenever you sit down at your kit? With the OriGlam Drum Mute Silent Tips, you can practice day or night without restraint. The tapered shape slips right over your existing sticks to substantially reduce volume while retaining rebound feel.

The durable silicone construction absorbs vibrations instead of transferring energy to the drum head or practice pad. You’ll enjoy the same response while playing but with minimal noise to keep the peace at home or in apartments. Drum anytime without annoyances with these easy-to-use drum dampeners.

Premium Silicone for Realistic Rebound

The flexible silicone material provides a realistic bounce compared to standard foam or rubber practice tips. The tapered design allows just enough rebound for responsive playing so you can build technique accurately. The muted drums feel comparable to playing with brushes or mallets rather than deadened pads.

The quality silicone also holds up to hours of daily practice without breaking down. The durable construction ensures these drum mutes have a long life. The softness protects your sticks and drums from damage while also providing silent strokes.

Universal Fit for Any Drums or Sticks

The OriGlam Drum Mute Silent Tips have a tapered design to fit most standard drum stick sizes and shapes. They easily stretch to accommodate 5A, 5B, 7A, Rock and other common stick types.

The flexible silicone also adapts to your playing style and grip. The drum dampeners stay secured on your sticks while playing but can be removed after practice without hassles. Use them on drums, practice pads, electric kits or percussion for effective sound dampening.

Lightweight and Portable

The drum mute tips weigh just a few grams each, so they won’t alter your stick’s balance or feel. The compact size lets you stash them in your stick bag to take anywhere. Use them at home, studio, drum lessons, band practice and more to turn any location into your own personal drum zone.

The silicone material even allows use outdoors. Dampen your drumming volume rain or shine. Don’t let potential noise stop you from practicing and improving your talents.

Simple to Use

Getting quieter drums is as easy as putting on a pair of socks with the OriGlam Drum Mute Silent Tips. Just press the tapered end onto your drumstick tip until it stretches snugly over the wood. The drum dampener stays secured in place yet is still removable.

The rubber mutes instantly dampen contact noise and vibration for that very cool muted sound. They are quick to put on or take off between songs or sets. Experience the benefits of reduced volume without fussing with complicated dampening contraptions.

Key Benefits:

  • Lower volume by up to 80% for quiet practice
  • Realistic rebound for accurate technique development
  • Protects sticks & drums from damage
  • Universal fit for all common stick sizes
  • Lightweight & portable for use anywhere
  • Easy to attach and remove in seconds
  • Durable silicone stands up to daily playing

Why Drummers Love Them:

“I can finally practice late at night without disturbing the whole house!”

“My drumming has improved from practicing more often with these sound dampeners.”

“These allow me to play drums anywhere without restraint – they’re awesome!”

“The muted drum sound is so cool – it’s my new favorite way to play.”

“I don’t have an acoustic kit at my apartment, so these let me develop technique without noise.”

Start Playing Drums Anytime, Anywhere

Don’t let noise concerns stop you from honing your percussion abilities. With the OriGlam Drum Mute Silent Tips, you can play as often as you want without restraints or complaints. The tapered silicone mutes slip on easily to dampen volume so you can drum silently anytime, anywhere. Get your set today to improve faster than ever!


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