OriGlam 12pcs Drum Damper Gel Pads – Snare & Tom Drum Mute Set for Sound Control


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Tame unwanted overtones and ringing with the OriGlam Drum Damper Gel Pads. The 12-pack includes durable drum dampers to easily control snare, tom and cymbal sustain for cleaner sound.

The transparent gel drum mutes adhere securely to drumheads to reduce resonance without altering tone or attack. Musicians love the way they tighten sound for live gigs and recording.

Key Features:

  • 12 clear gel drum damper pads
  • Instantly reduces ringing & sustain
  • Adheres securely to heads & cymbals
  • Tightens drum sound for live & studio use
  • Reusable after washing – sticks again

Cut Annoying Overtones

Ever struggle with boomy, ringing tones while drumming? The OriGlam Drum Damper Gel Pads effectively control excess resonance and overtones to make your drums punchier.

The clear gel contacts adhere tightly to drumheads to mute sustain without altering attack. Place them near the rim to pinpoint problematic frequencies. Your drums will sound tighter with better definition.

Hear the True Tone

While dampening boom and ring, the transparent gel pads allow the true voice of your drums to still shine through. Attack and tone remain lively while unwanted ringing decays quicker.

The result is drums that speak with more focus and clarity. Crisper, controlled sound for more articulate rhythmic expression. You’ll love the tightened punch which sits perfectly in the mix.

The Studio Secret Weapon

For recording, dampening rings and overtones results in a cleaner, tighter studio drum sound. The OriGlam Drum Damper Gel Pads quickly improve drum tones with no muffling needed.

Engineers love how they can fine tune drums by quickly sticking gel pads on the spots that need taming. The subtle damping preserves the authentic sound of the kit for a quality drum mix.

Reusable & Removable

The durable gel pads adhere firmly to stick on heads and metallic cymbals without budging. Yet they can be easily peeled off and re-stuck as needed.

When they lose tackiness, simply wash in warm water and soap then air dry to restore stickiness. The high-quality gel stands up to repeated washing and playing.

Live Gig Secret Weapon

Sound engineers will love how fast you can optimize any kit at live shows. Just stick on gel pads during soundcheck on areas prone to ringing. Tame room boom without muffling drums.

The subtle gel damping controls tones while preserving resonance and sustain. Your drums will sound punchy and defined in any venue.

Key Benefits:

  • Instant drum tuning without muffling
  • Controls ringing & overtones
  • Adheres tightly to stay put
  • Retains attack & resonance
  • Reusable – just wash & restick
  • Clear gel blends in discreetly
  • Studio & live sound secret weapon

Drummers Love How They:

“Cut annoying ringing without deadening drums.”

“Tighten my snare and tom sound for killer live tones.”

“Give me more articulate rhythmic expression.”

“Are indispensable for dialing in studio drum sounds.”

“Allow my drums’ natural tone to still come through.”

Achieve Dialed Drum Tones

Say goodbye to annoying boom and ringing! The OriGlam Drum Damper Gel Pads offer an easy way to control excess resonance for tighter sound. Just stick on the clear contacts where needed to subtly tame sustain.

Experience the tuning benefits for live gigs and in the recording studio. Achieve dialed drum tones in minutes with this drum dampening innovation.


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