Ortofon Concorde MK2 DJ Twin Cartridge – Professional Quality Sound for Scratch DJs


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Engineered for the Demands of Turntable DJs
The Ortofon Concorde MK2 DJ twin cartridge delivers the high-quality sound and durability that professional DJs need for seamless scratching and backcueing. This innovative cartridge is specially designed to meet the intense demands of turntable DJs who need precise groove handling and accurate sound reproduction, even under heavy backcueing.

Built Tough for DJ Scratching
Constructed with a sturdy yet lightweight body, the MK2 stands up to rigorous scratching and backcueing under the hands of the most intense turntable DJs. The cartridge generates high output power capable of cutting through loud monitoring levels in challenging DJ environments. Its lightweight design also exerts less pressure on delicate vinyl grooves, reducing record wear during long DJ sets.

High-Fidelity Sound Reproduction
Within the MK2’s rigid body lies a revolutionary stylus and coil system engineered for highly accurate audio reproduction. Its elliptical diamond stylus precisely tracks record grooves, retrieving the nuances in a recording while remaining seated in the groove under backcueing stress. An ultra-low mass coil generates outstanding high frequency response and channel separation for exceptional clarity.

Plug and Play Convenience
Each MK2 comes neatly packaged with two identical broadcast standard cartridges mounted on universal headshells for easy plug and play installation on any removable DJ headshell turntable. The pre-aligned cartridges eliminate setup hassle so DJs can spend their time focused on perfecting mixes instead of fiddling with equipment calibration. Just plug in and rock the party!

Built for the Stage and Studio
Serious turntable DJs will appreciate the MK2’s rugged aluminum flight case, which protects the cartridges during transport to gigs and studio sessions. Foam inserts cushion the cartridges from damage during transit so they arrive ready to load up and start spinning right out of the case. With the Ortofon Concorde MK2 twin DJ cartridge pack, DJs get legendary Ortofon hi-fi sound in a road-ready package.

Experience the Ortofon Difference
For over 100 years, Ortofon has engineered analog audio solutions to meet the evolving needs of professional DJs and audiophiles. Ortofon cartridges have been the choice of DJs since the birth of hip hop, relied on by turntablists and club DJs for their durability, reliability and peerless sound quality. The Concorde MK2 upholds Ortofon’s commitment to outstanding DJ cartridge technology.

Why DJs Love the MK2
– Heavy tracking force for dj scratching and backcueing
– Low mass, high output moving magnet system
– Rigid lightweight body withstands intense handling
– Elliptical diamond stylus for accurate groove tracing
– No equipment calibration required with pre-mounted design
– Rugged aluminum flight case for safe transport

Outstanding Features
– Two identical broadcast standard cartridges for simple plug and play installation
– Universal headshell mount fits all removable DJ headshell turntables
– High 12mV output power cuts through loud DJ monitoring levels
– Excellent 20Hz – 25kHz frequency response for transparent audio
– Ultra-low mass coils improve high frequency channel separation
– Elliptical diamond tip stylus for precise groove tracking
– Sturdy yet lightweight polymer housing withstands backcueing
– Tracking force of 4-7g lets DJs adjust pressure as needed
– Pre-aligned for optimal channel balance right out of the box
– Reliable and durable construction stands up to intense use
– Road-ready aluminum flight case keeps cartridges safe in transit

Experience the superior DJ performance of the Ortofon Concorde MK2 twin cartridge pack. With outstanding durability, tracking accuracy and sound quality, this cartridge is engineered to meet the demanding requirements of scratch and turntablist DJs.


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