Pearl Frame 20″x5″ Playable & Displayable Bass Drum – Jet Black


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Showcase your drumming passion and creativity with the Pearl Frame 20″x5″ bass drum. This sleek jet black drum frame lets you mount custom drum head graphics for an exhibit-worthy display, while also being fully playable for portable acoustic percussion.

Play it Like a Drum, Display it Like Art

The Pearl Frame drum combines musical function with visual aesthetics. The lightweight rounded frame creates an ideal surface for displaying custom drum head graphics, your band’s logo, abstract designs or any artwork you choose.

Turn your drum into a personal canvas for self-expression! Use the included external mounting bracket to exhibit your drum art on a wall, stand or rack. Wherever it’s displayed, the Pearl Frame drum will draw eyes and spark conversation.

Despite its display abilities, this drum frame is also built to be played. The durable construction handles drum sticks or bass drum pedal strikes. Play it as a gong or pancake drum with sticks, or attach a pedal and kick it like a bass drum.

Portability for Acoustic Percussion Anywhere

Weighing only 15 lbs, the Pearl Frame 20″x5″ drum is highly portable. Set it up to augment your acoustic drum set or bring it anywhere for unique hand percussion. Use it instead of a full kit when space is limited – Pearl Frame drums provide cajón-like possibilities in a compact size.

The lightweight round shape is easy to transport and position exactly where you want. Gigging drummers can add visual appeal and unique tones to their shows with the Pearl Frame drum.

Versatile Mounting for Creative Placement

Optimized for display and playability, Pearl includes a variety of mounting options. Attach the external bracket to place your drum art on the wall for an eye-catching exhibit. Use the 10mm mount to attach the drum above, below or beside your other percussion.

Explore creative positioning to make your drumming setup as unique as your music. The Pearl Frame drum gives you the versatility to mount it any way you choose.

Customizable Drum Head Graphics

To complete the look, purchase a cling-style drum head graphic for your Pearl Frame drum. Use an original design to showcase your band’s style or your artistic talents. Transform the drum into a personal visual statement!

Pearl offers quality printable drum heads so you can display your own creation. Choose an abstract graphic or upload a custom photo for a one-of-a-kind drum display.


– Dimensions: 20″ x 5″
– Depth: 8″
– Material: Steel frame with Black finish
– External bracket for wall mounting
– 10mm mount for positioning around drum kit
– Displayable and fully playable
– Weighs 15 lbs

Whether played live or displayed as art, the Pearl Frame 20″x5″ drum lets your creative passion shine. Order today to add a customizable visual element to your percussion rig!


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