Piano Learning Made Easy with These Beginner Keyboard Stickers


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Want to help your child learn piano faster and have more fun? Get them started right with these easy-to-use keyboard stickers designed especially for beginners. With large letter notes marking each key, these stickers make it simple for kids to find the right notes and start playing songs right away.

Crafted from high quality vinyl with a transparent, non-damaging adhesive, these stickers are made to stick securely to any piano or keyboard without leaving any residue behind when removed. The bold black and white color scheme blends seamlessly into the keys for a clean, integrated look.

Available in 88, 61, 54, 49 or 37 key sizes to fit everything from full size pianos to small portable keyboards. The large 16x35mm size of the letter notes on both the white and black keys allows for easy visibility while playing. No more hunting around trying to find the right notes!

Forget boring rote memorization with these handy stickers. As beginners play, they’ll quickly associate the letter names with the piano keys, building their confidence and skills in the most intuitive way possible. The clear visual cues speed learning and help kids graduate to reading sheet music faster.

Applying the stickers takes just minutes following the easy-to-understand instructions. Simply stick them onto the correctly corresponding keys and that’s it – you’re ready to start playing! The thin vinyl adheres securely but peels off cleanly later on without leaving any sticky residue or other marks.

Designed to be resistant to oils, dirt and moisture, these stickers can stand up to repeated playing without fading, yellowing or curling at the edges. Their durable construction ensures long lasting visibility and function. You get maximum value for your money.

This is the perfect gift for a young aspiring pianist in your life. Surprise them on a birthday or special occasion and watch their face light up when they see how fun and easy learning piano can be! Compatible with virtually any piano or keyboard, it’s a gift that can provide enjoyment for years to come.

With convenient online ordering and fast shipping, these keyboard stickers make a great last minute gift idea too. Order right from your phone or computer in just clicks. Arrives boxed and ready for giving to any budding Beethoven!

Stop the frustration and start the fun. Get these easy-to-use beginner keyboard stickers and give the gift of music to your little Mozart!

Product Highlights:

  • Large bold letter notes mark keys for easy visibility
  • Available in 88, 61, 54, 49 and 37 key sizes
  • Transparent vinyl blends into keys seamlessly
  • Non-damaging adhesive peels off cleanly
  • Helps beginners learn notes and start playing faster
  • Thin material won’t affect playing
  • Resists moisture, oils and dirt
  • Easy online ordering with fast shipping
  • Great gift for aspiring pianists of all ages

Technical Details:

  • Material: Transparent vinyl
  • Adhesive: Non-residue removable
  • Letter Height: 16mm
  • Letter Width: 35mm
  • Key Coverage: Full size for both whites and blacks
  • Lettering Color: Black
  • Background Color: Transparent
  • Available Key Quantities: 37, 49, 54, 61, 88
  • Water Resistance: High
  • Oil/Dirt Resistance: High

So for hassle-free piano learning that’s fun for kids and worry-free for parents, get these keyboard stickers today!


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