Pole Hugger Music – The Original Headphone Holder for Studio Equipment – Universal Headset Stand Safely Holds Headphones and Cables




Stay Organized and Protect Your Gear with the Pole Hugger Music Headphone Holder

Musicians know that a cluttered studio space can kill creativity. That’s why the Pole Hugger Music headphone holder is a must-have accessory for any recording studio or practice space. This innovative product keeps your headphones, cables, and small accessories tidy and secure on any mic stand or pole up to 1.25 inches wide.

The Pole Hugger Music headphone holder is designed by musicians to solve common studio problems. Its sturdy metal clamp and soft rubber padding allow it to attach securely to mic stands, music stands, drum hardware, and more without marring or slipping. The holder features a hook for draping headphones and a small shelf below to neatly organize cables or stow drum keys, guitar picks, tambourines, and other small items.

Protect Your Investment
Expensive headphones are easily broken if they fall or get stepped on during recording sessions or band practice. The Pole Hugger headphone stand protects your investment by giving your headphones a dedicated storage spot up and out of harm’s way. Its rubber padding cushions your headphones and prevents scratches. Plus, the stand keeps wires untangled and headphones accessible so you can grab them fast when needed.

Get Organized
Even the most organized musicians deal with a spider web of cables. The Pole Hugger’s handy shelf catches stray cables, winding them neatly off the floor. This reduces tripping hazards and keeps cables from getting smashed or ruined. The stand also helps you keep track of smaller items like picks, keys, external hard drives, and more. Stop wasting time hunting for your headphones and accessories — the Pole Hugger organizes your studio space.

Universal Compatibility
The Pole Hugger Music headphone holder is designed to work with all kinds of headphones and earbuds: wired, wireless, over-ear, on-ear, kids’ headphones, and more. It fits most brands and styles thanks to its flexible hook and shelf design. The stand works great for gaming, podcasting, radio studios, mixing and mastering suites, home studios, or anywhere you need quick access to your headphones between use.

High-Quality & Portable
Constructed from premium steel and high-grade rubber, the Pole Hugger headphone stand is built to last through years of regular use. Its solid metal clamp tightens securely on any pole while preventing damage. The entire stand is compact, lightweight, and portable so you can easily transfer it between the studio, stage, and office or take it on the road.

The Perfect Audio Accessory
The Pole Hugger Music headphone holder is the ideal accessory for any musician, podcaster, audio engineer, or anyone who uses headphones regularly. Its smart design protects your investment, saves space, reduces studio clutter, and keeps your headphones and accessories ready to grab anytime. This headphone stand simplifies your studio setup.

Buy the Pole Hugger Music headphone holder today to organize your space and protect your equipment. It makes the perfect gift for home music studios, podcasters, drummers, audio engineers, and any music lover. Keep your headphones tidy and safe while creating your best work yet.


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