PowerHOOD 12V AC Adapter for Behringer Solina String Ensemble Analog Synthesizer


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Reinvigorate your vintage Behringer Solina string synth with this dedicated 12V AC power adapter. Designed for stable, noise-free operation, it lets you sculpt lush string textures without pops, hum, or distortion.

Pure, Steady Power for Iconic String Sounds

The Behringer Solina recreation brings back the coveted string ensemble vibe of the ’70s Solina synthesizer legend. Now you can unlock the full potential of those classic string machines tones without a struggling power supply.

This adapter replaces the stock Solina power cable with a high-quality 12V regulated supply. The clean 12VDC juice powers up the Solina’s analog circuitry with steady current and no electrical noise. Say goodbye to hum, buzz, crackles, or pitch instability.

Finally, you can layer those silky Solina strings into intricate arrangements without unpredictable dropout or fluctuation. The pure power enhances clarity and articulation as you craft everything from pad backdrops to animated articulations.

Safeguards Against Faults and Fluctuations

In addition to powering your Solina reliably, this AC adapter actively protects against damage. It features integrated overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit protection to defend against surges, spikes, and faulty equipment connections.

Thermal shielding and auto-resetting fuses prevent overheating for safe long-term operation. You can play for hours, pushing the Solina to its limits without concern for overtaxing the power supply.

The durable construction also withstands the rigors of transport and gigging. Rest assured your Solina has a reliable power solution for the stage and the studio.

Plug and Play Convenience

This adapter makes powering your Solina synthesizer incredibly simple. The 5.5×2.1mm DC barrel connector plugs securely into the Solina 12VDC input jack for a tight, wobble-free fit.

A 6 foot cable provides flexibility for placement without requiring extensions. The reversible plug also makes attachment easy—no worrying about orienting the connector properly.

Universal AC input support from 100V to 240V 50/60Hz enables seamless worldwide operation. Power your Solina anywhere with a standard electrical outlet.

Premium Build for Portability

The rugged housing and quality materials withstand heavy use, repeated transport, and the rigors of mobile gigging. Reinforced joints and flexible strain relief prevent cable damage while on the move.

At just 2.5 ounces, this travel-friendly adapter adds negligible weight to your load. The compact profile occupies minimal space in a gear bag.

Convenient features like the ergonomic connector shape and clear power labeling simplify on-stage use. Rely on this adapter for go-anywhere power, night after night.

What’s Included

– PowerHOOD 12V 1A AC to DC power adapter
– 5.5×2.1mm positive center DC barrel connector
– 6 foot/1.8 meter output cable
– Input: AC 100V – 240V at 50/60Hz
– Output: 12VDC, 1000mA


This regulated 12 Volt 1 Amp AC power adapter is guaranteed to safely power:

– Behringer Solina String Ensemble analog synthesizer
– Behringer VC340 Vintage Time Machine (Solina mode)

Warranty and Support

We provide a 30-day money back guarantee along with a 14-day product exchange policy. If you experience any issues with the adapter, our friendly support experts will assist you with a prompt resolution. Contact us for help within 24 hours.

Power your Behringer Solina synthesizer with steady, quiet power. Order the PowerHOOD 12V AC adapter today!


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