PowerHOOD 12V AC Adapter for Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator POM-170 & POM-400 Modular Synthesizers


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Unlock the full potential of your Teenage Engineering POM-170 or POM-400 Pocket Operator Modular with this compatible 12V AC adapter power supply from PowerHOOD. With advanced safety features and top-notch reliability, this adapter provides stable, noise-free power to your POM modular synth for uninterrupted music creation and sound design sessions.

Stable, Clean Power for Your Pocket Operator Modular

Nothing kills the creative flow like an underpowered synth. Avoid frustrations and lost ideas by powering your POM-170 or POM-400 with this dedicated 12V 1A AC adapter. The regulated 12VDC output delivers clean, steady juice to your modular system, giving you the freedom to layer modules and manipulate parameters without power fluctuations or dropout.

The low-noise design ensures no electrical interference, keeping the analog signal path free of unwanted hum or distortion. Now you can Construct intricate sounds and chain together endless melodic permutations without worrying about pops, cracks, or dropouts.

Smart Safety Features Protect Your Gear

While providing rock-solid power delivery, this POM-170/POM-400 adapter also safeguards your prized equipment. It features overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit protection to prevent damage from faulty connections or power surges.

Advanced thermal shielding and auto-resetting fuses defend against overheating, ensuring safe operating temperatures during marathon music sessions. Plus the durable build quality and double-insulated wiring hold up to years of daily use.

You can power up with total confidence, knowing your POM modular synth is protected.

Universal Compatibility

This 12V adapter includes a 5.5×2.1mm DC barrel connector that plugs securely into the POM-170 and POM-400 power ports. The reversible plug allows easy, reliable connections to your Teenage Engineering gear without adapters or modifications.

An integrated 6 foot cable gives you flexibility in setup placement without needing extensions. And the AC input voltage range of 100V – 240V 50/60Hz enables worldwide compatibility—use your POM synth anywhere with a standard outlet.

Premium Construction for Performance and Portability

Designed for life on the move, the durable housing withstands being tossed in your gear bag and the rigors of transportation. Reinforced joints and a flexible strain relief prevent cable damage while on the go.

The compact profile takes up minimal space on your desktop or synth stand, with a long enough cord to neatly tuck away behind gear.

Attention to detail ensures an enjoyable user experience—from the ergonomic shape for easy plugging/unplugging to the cleany labeled connector making attachments intuitive during live performance.

What’s Included

– PowerHOOD 12V 1A AC to DC power adapter
– 5.5×2.1mm positive center DC barrel connector
– 6 foot/1.8 meter output cable
– Input: AC 100V – 240V
– Output: 12VDC, 1A max


Designed as a direct replacement for the original power adapter, this 12V DC supply is guaranteed to safely power the following devices:

– Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Modular 170 (POM-170)
– Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Modular 400 (POM-400)

Premium Support You Can Rely On

We stand behind our products with a 30-day money back guarantee and 14-day exchange policy. If you have any issues or need assistance, our helpful support team is available to provide fast, friendly resolutions. Just contact us for a timely response, usually within 24 hours.

Power your creativity with the stable, quiet power your POM modular system deserves. Order the PowerHOOD 12V AC adapter for Teenage Engineering POM-170/POM-400 today!


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