Practice Drumming Anywhere with the summina Portable 7-Pad Electronic Drum Set




The summina compact electronic drum set is the perfect way for beginners, kids, and drumming enthusiasts to practice anywhere, anytime! This lightweight, roll-up silicon drum kit connects to your computer or mobile device to deliver a full drum set experience in a portable package.

7 Velocity-Sensitive Drum Pads

This electronic drum set includes 7 velocity-sensitive silicone drum pads – 3 tom pads, 1 snare, 1 hi-hat, 1 crash cymbal, and 1 ride cymbal. The pads respond to your playing dynamics for an ultra-realistic feel and playing experience. The snare and hi-hat pad positions can be easily exchanged to suit your preferences.

Realistic Drum Sounds

With built-in drum module, you’ll enjoy realistic drum tones without needing extra equipment. Choose from 5 drum set sounds like Rock, Jazz, Electronic, Percussion, and Pop. The quality sounds will make you feel like you’re playing an acoustic kit!

8 Demo Songs to Play Along To

The drum kit includes 8 demo songs in different genres to jam along with. This is a great way to practice your timing and skills as you play along with the beat. Songs can be slowed down to learn at your own pace.

MP3 Input for Music Playback

Connect your smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player using the 3.5mm auxiliary input. This allows you to play along to your favorite songs for more enjoyable practice sessions.

Compact and Portable

The electronic drum set rolls up for easy transport and storage. Take it anywhere to practice – office, bedroom, travel, school, and more. The compact footprint takes up very little space.

Plug and Play USB Connection

Simply connect the drum kit to your Mac, PC, or laptop using the included USB cable. No special software or driver installation required! It’s plug and play ready for drumming anywhere.

Dual Power Supply

Power the drum set via the USB connection to your computer or laptop. It can also run on two AAA batteries (not included) for untethered jam sessions.

Complete Drum Kit In One Set

This all-in-one electronic drum set gives you snare drum, tom drums, hi-hat, crash cymbal, and ride cymbal – everything you need to start drumming! Two drumsticks are included to complete the full drum kit setup.

Perfect For All Skill Levels

Great for kids and beginners learning drums, the built-in demo songs and multiple drum kit tones help you easily pick up drumming. Intermediate and advanced drummers can also benefit from the portable convenience and realistic feel.

Technical Features:

  • 7 velocity-sensitive drum pads
  • 3 tom pads, 1 snare, 1 hi-hat, 1 crash, 1 ride
  • Removable pedal for kick drum/hi-hat control
  • 5 drum kit tones: Rock, Jazz, Electronic, Percussion, Pop
  • 8 built-in demo songs
  • MP3 auxiliary input jack (3.5mm)
  • USB and AAA battery powered
  • USB cable and drumsticks included
  • Compact and portable roll-up design
  • Great for beginners, kids, and drumming practice

The summina portable electronic drum set lets you or your kids practice drumming anytime, anywhere. Order today to start playing drums instantly using any laptop, tablet, or mobile device!


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