Promark SRWHI Stick Rapp Drumstick Wrap – Soft Non-Slip Grip for Drum Sticks, Absorbs Shock, White


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Give Your Drumsticks a Comfortable Soft Touch with Promark Stick Rapp

Drumming is an energetic and physical art. The continuous impact and vibration against drum sticks can take its toll on your hands, wrists and arms over time. That’s why having a comfortable grip and shock absorption can make a big difference in feel and performance.

Promark Stick Rapp drum stick wraps provide a soft, non-slip grip that helps reduce fatigue and absorb stick shock. Available in 10 stylish colors, Stick Rapp gives your drum sticks and hands a comfortable cushioned feel.

Key Benefits:

– Cushioned Material – The soft fleece wrap absorbs stick impact and provides a comfortable grip.

– Non-Slip Surface – The textured fleece gives you a no-slip hold even during extended playing sessions.

– Quick & Easy to Apply – Simply wrap the adhesive strip around your stick for instant cushioning and grip.

– Machine Washable – Keeps Stick Rapp looking fresh after heavy use.

– Variety of Colors – Available in black, white, gray, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

– One Pack Wraps 4 Drum Sticks – Convenient 4-pack has you covered.

Give Your Hands a Break from Stick Shock

Hours of drumming can take a toll on your hands, wrists and arms. The constant motion and stick impact transfers vibration up your arms, causing fatigue.

Stick Rapp drumstick wraps provide a comfortable cushioned barrier between your hands and the sticks. The fleece material absorbs vibration and softens the impact for a more comfortable feel.

The result is reduced fatigue so you can play longer and harder with no pain or slipping. Stick Rapp allows drummers of all skill levels to play their best while protecting their hands and improving endurance.

Superior Grip for More Control

ProMark uses a textured fleece material on Stick Rapp that provides a no-slip grip, even during marathon practice sessions. The soft fleece conforms to your fingers for a custom fit.

The result is complete stick control without cramping or slipping. Whether you’re a hard-hitting rock or metal drummer or a precise jazz player, Stick Rapp gives you the endurance and grip to take your playing to the next level.

Quick & Easy Application in Seconds

Applying Stick Rapp is as simple as wrapping an adhesive strip around your stick. Each pack comes with 4 wraps to cover a full set of sticks.

The one-piece wrap design ensures even coverage and cushioning on your entire grip area without adjusting separate tapes. Stick Rapp can be reused over and over with no deterioration in grip or shock absorption.

When it’s time to refresh, simply machine wash and air dry to keep Stick Rapp looking and feeling like new. ProMark includes sizing guidelines to help select the right fit for your stick diameter.

Choose from 10 Bold Colors to Suit Your Style

Stick Rapp is available in a range of colors to match your drum kit, personality and style:

– Black – Sophisticated monochrome
– White – Clean and bright
– Gray – Sleek urban look
– Brown – Vintage earth tones
– Red – Fiery and energetic
– Orange – Eye-catching and fun
– Yellow – Cheerful brightness
– Green – Cool and earthy
– Blue – Calming ocean tones
– Purple – Regal richness

Dress up your drumsticks with colorful Stick Rapp wraps that provide non-stop cushioning and slip-free grip show after show.

Give your hands a comfort boost and absorb stick shock with Promark Stick Rapp – available on Amazon.


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