Pyle 3-Piece Junior Drum Set Kit w/ Adjustable Throne, Drumsticks & Cymbal for Rockin’ Kids – Red


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Let Your Child Discover Their Inner Rockstar with This Complete 3-Piece Junior Drum Set Kit for Kids!

Is your kid constantly banging on pots and pans, desk tops, or anything they can get their hands on? Well now is the perfect time to nurture their creative spirit and love of music with this high-quality beginner drum set from Pyle!

Specially designed for children ages 3-9, this 3-piece junior drum kit comes with everything your aspiring young musician needs to start playing drums right out of the box. The set includes a 13 inch bass drum, 10 inch snare drum, 8 inch tom drum, 8 inch cymbal with stand, a pair of drumsticks, drum key, throne, and noise-reducing pads.

With its compact size and included accessories, this drum set is ideal for toddlers and young kids who are just starting out on the drums. The set is easy to assemble and ready to play in minutes!

Built for Budding Musicians

From the durable steel construction to the beautiful red sparkle finish, this junior drum set is made to look and feel like a real drum kit. The eye-catching metallic paint job will make any kid feel like a rockstar on stage!

The set is thoughtfully designed for little hands with lightweight drumsticks and a height-adjustable throne. Kids can sit comfortably as they learn basic drum beats and rhythms. The drum heads are crafted with high quality materials that provide great rebound for sticks while minimizing vibrations for volume control.

To help parents maintain their sanity, included noise-reducing pads can be placed on the drums to lower volume levels. Your kid can start drumming to their heart’s content without driving the whole house crazy!

Jams for Days with Endless Fun

Learning drums enhances hand-eye coordination, builds confidence, and unlocks creativity. This junior drum set is a great way to nurture your child’s passion for music and get them interested in playing an instrument.

The three-piece drum kit configuration is the perfect starter set. It gives kids the full drum kit experience so they can learn basic drumming techniques. The bass pedal allows them to play the bass drum with their feet just like real drummers.

Whether they want to bang out rhythms to their favorite songs or create new beats from scratch, this drum set lets your kid’s musical talent shine. The drums are tons of fun for free-play and structured lessons.

High Quality Junior Drum Set Built to Last

Pyle is known for making great beginner instruments, and this junior drum kit is no exception. It may be designed for kids, but it’s built like an adult-sized set. The steel hardware and durable drum heads are made to stand up to regular use from excited kids.

Many parents love getting this drum set for their children because it lasts for years. As your kid’s talent grows, the throne is adjustable to accommodate their height. With the proper care, kids can enjoy this awesome drum kit from toddler years well into their early teens. It may even spark a lifelong passion for percussion!

Give The Gift of Music

If you have a mini musician in your home, this three-piece drum set makes a fantastic gift. Kids will be thrilled to unwrap the expertly-crafted Pyle drum kit on their birthday or special occasion. It sets their imagination free and lets creativity shine.

The junior kit comes with everything needed to start playing drums right away. With easy assembly, throne adjustment, drum sticks, and noise-reducing pads, both kids and parents will love this versatile drum set built for rockin’ good times!


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