Pyle Portable Height Adjustable Laptop Stand with Storage Shelf – For DJs, PCs, Gaming


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Get your laptop screen at the perfect eye level and keep your desk workspace organized with Pyle’s portable adjustable laptop stand. Customizable height settings, anti-slip padding, and a storage shelf provide maximum comfort, stability and functionality anywhere you need it.

Adjusts 6.3″ to 10.9″ for Ideal Viewing

Achieve optimal viewing comfort whether sitting or standing. This laptop stand adjusts across a wide 4.6″ height range using a simple push-pin locking system. Align the stand’s bars to heights between 6.3″ to 10.9″ for ergonomic placement of your laptop screen, ideal for DJ gear, PCs, gaming setups, and more.

Anti-Slip Padding for Secure Positioning

Soft rubber pads on the bottom surface grip your desktop securely, preventing unwanted sliding or shifting during use. This stable anti-slip footing keeps your laptop locked into position for uninterrupted viewing and work. No need for constant repositioning during intense gaming sessions or live performances.

Storage Shelf for Media Drives and Accessories

A built-in shelf provides convenient access to portable drives, audio interfaces, headphones, and other desktop accessories. Keep your most-used items within arm’s reach by storing them on the stand’s lower shelf. Reduces desktop clutter for DJs, producers, and workstation users.

Riser Design Minimizes Neck & Eye Strain

Elevating your laptop to eye level minimizes pain and fatigue caused by prolonged hunching over a low screen. The angled riser takes stress off your neck and eyes compared to looking down at a desk surface. Your body stays relaxed even during longer use.

Lightweight & Portable for Travel

The entire laptop stand weighs just over 2 pounds for easy transport. Breaks down quickly into a slim briefcase-style design with included carrying handle. Pack it along to use your laptop or DJ controller in ergonomic positions anywhere – desks, planes, hotels, coffee shops, libraries, and on the go.

Durable Aluminum & Engineered Wood Construction

Built tough for daily use and travel. The height-adjustable support bars are engineered from lightweight aluminum for rustproof durability, while the main body utilizes a high-density engineered wood finished in black. Non-skid rubber pads prevent tabletop scratches. Handles up to 8 lbs of devices.

Universal Compatibility

Designed to accommodate virtually any model laptop from 11″ to 15″ in size, including MacBooks, Chromebooks, Ultrabooks, mobile workstations and more. Also ideal for raising DJ controllers, music production gear, tablets, projectors and desktop monitors. Cradles your device at the optimum viewing angle.

Clutter-Free Cable Management

A cable management hole in the rear of the stand neatly routes your chargers, USB and audio cables from underneath. Keep your workspace free of tangled wires while powering/connecting to all your devices. Can also be positioned vertically or horizontally.

Quality Construction with 1 Year Warranty

Backed by the Pyle name, quality assurance and 1 year replacement warranty. The versatile prosumer design brings workplace ergonomics home for better comfort, organization and productivity during extended computer use. Adjusts to fit kids and adults.

Lift your laptop and devices to healthy viewing heights with the Pyle portable adjustable laptop stand. Customizable height settings, anti-slip padding, and integrated storage shelf maximize comfort and organization. The perfect desktop accessory for home, office and travel use!


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