Pyle USB Microphone Podcast Recording Starter Kit – Portable Audio Recording System with Cardioid Condenser Mic, Desktop Stand and Pop Filter – for Live Streaming, Gaming, YouTube and More


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Elevate your audio game with the Pyle USB microphone podcast recording starter kit. This all-in-one audio recording system comes equipped with everything you need to start creating professional-quality podcasts, voiceovers, live streams and more right out of the box.

At the heart of this portable podcasting kit is a high-quality cardioid condenser microphone that captures your voice with stunning accuracy. The cardioid pickup pattern focuses directly on your voice while minimizing background noise for clear vocal reproduction. This studio-grade mic delivers a smooth, natural tone that shines in any recording application.

Plugging directly into your computer’s USB port, this USB microphone provides instant plug-and-play operation with universal compatibility. It works seamlessly with Windows, Mac and Linux machines so you can start recording instantly. The easy USB connection also provides direct digital audio recording straight to your computer, eliminating the need for external soundcards or mixers.

The included foldable desktop mic stand securely holds the condenser mic in an optimal position for voice recording. This freestanding metal base lets you set up your mic station anywhere, from your office desk to the kitchen table. Adjust the angle as needed to accommodate both standing and seated positions.

To further refine your recordings, the microphone kit includes a detachable pop filter. This nifty accessory mounts directly onto the mic stand to block unwanted plosive sounds that can muddy up your audio. The gooseneck design lets you position the filter screen in front of the microphone capsule for optimal pop reduction.

Transporting your podcasting gear is easy with the included protective carry case. The durable aluminum construction keeps your microphone, accessories and cables safe while traveling or heading to a studio session. Custom foam cutouts securely hold each piece in place during transit.

Whether you’re looking to launch a podcast, improve your Twitch stream production quality or record vocals at home, this USB mic starter kit delivers professional results for beginners and experts alike. The cardioid condenser mic captures studio-quality audio while the plug-and-play USB connectivity lets you record directly to your Mac or PC.

Key Features:

  • All-in-one podcast recording starter kit
  • Cardioid condenser microphone for accurate vocal reproduction
  • USB output for plug-and-play connectivity with computers
  • Foldable metal microphone stand for desktop use
  • Gooseneck pop filter to reduce plosive sounds
  • Protective aluminum carry case for portability
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux machines
  • Ideal for podcasting, game streaming, vocals and voiceovers

Studio-Quality Cardioid Condenser Microphone

At the heart of this podcast production kit is a professional-grade cardioid condenser microphone that captures studio-quality audio for a polished, radio-ready vocal sound. The cardioid pickup pattern focuses directly on the sound source while minimizing background noise from other directions. This makes it perfect for podcasts, voiceovers, streaming and other vocal recordings.

Crafted with a back electret condenser microphone element, this USB mic delivers smooth, natural tone across the entire frequency range. The tailored frequency response provides excellent clarity for speech, while still maintaining a balanced, full-bodied sound for singing or acoustic instruments.

The 16mm electret condenser capsule provides low self-noise and high SPL handling up to 132dB. This allows the mic to capture subtle details with exceptional accuracy. You can record confidently, knowing the mic will reproduce every nuance of your performance.

Plug-and-Play USB Connectivity

Connecting your new podcasting microphone to your computer couldn’t be easier. The USB-A output plugs directly into any USB port on your Windows PC or Mac for instant plug-and-play operation. No drivers, software or additional power needed!

The direct USB connection also provides digital audio recording straight to your computer. This eliminates the need for external mixers, sound cards or preamps. Simply select the Pyle USB microphone as the input device in your recording software and you’re ready to start tracking vocals, podcasts and more in stunning digital quality.

Sleek Desktop Mic Stand

Position the cardioid microphone perfectly with the included desktop stand. The folding metal tripod base provides a stable, elevated platform for the mic while taking up minimal space. Set it up on your office desk, kitchen table or other flat surface for optimal results.

An adjustable-height pole and tilting mic clamp allows you to set the ideal angle for your recording application. Tilt the top of the mic forward to talk directly into it or back at an angle for a more natural position. Extend the pole higher for standing or lower it down closer for sitting.

The non-slip rubber feet keep the base firmly planted in place during use. An integrated cable management clip beneath the stand keeps your USB cord neatly bundled when not in use.

Effective Gooseneck Pop Filter

Minimize plosives and vocal popping for a smooth, polished vocal sound. The included gooseneck pop filter mounts directly onto the mic stand, placing the filter screen between your mouth and the microphone. This simple mesh screen blocks fast moving bursts of air that can overload the microphone during speech.

Using the flexible gooseneck, you can position the pop filter in the perfect spot for optimal filtering. Get it close to the capsule to block plosives without affecting your volume or tone. The dual-layer screen reduces pops while maintaining full frequency transparency.

Portable Carry Case

The included hard shell carry case lets you transport your podcasting kit safely to recording sessions, interviews and remote broadcasts. Durable aluminum construction and foam padding protect your microphone, pop filter, stand and cables from bumps and scratches during travel.

Custom-cut foam compartments hold each piece securely in place when closed. The portable design takes up minimal space in your bag. Molded polyurethane corners absorb impacts while an integrated clasp keeps the case securely closed. Now you can record professional audio anywhere your podcast takes you.

Start Podcasting Like a Pro Today

Take your podcast, Twitch stream or YouTube videos to the next level with studio-quality audio. This all-in-one USB microphone kit comes with everything you need to start recording like a pro right out of the box. The cardioid condenser mic captures sound with stunning accuracy while the plug-and-play USB connection makes home recording simple.

With the included mic stand, pop filter and carry case, you get a complete professional podcasting package. Just plug in the mic and begin creating. It’s the easiest way to give your voice the polished, radio-ready sound that it deserves.


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