Remo Fiberskyn 14 Inch Frame Drum – Lightweight & Durable for Outdoor Performances


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Experience the joy of frame drumming with the Remo Fiberskyn 14 Inch Frame Drum. This lightweight yet durable frame drum is perfect for drum circles, live performances, or jam sessions with friends. The synthetic Fiberskyn drumhead withstands humidity and temperature changes, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Traditional Frame Drum Design

This Remo frame drum features a traditional round shape with a wide 10-inch drumhead for full-bodied resonance. The drum shell is crafted from 9-ply mahogany for warm, rich tones. A rounded bearing edge helps project sound while adding strength to the drumhead.

The drumhead is Remo’s patented Fiberskyn material made of a non-toxic, PVC-free fiber blend. This makes it weather-resistant and more durable than traditional animal skin drumheads. Fiberskyn offers a similar look and feel to animal skin with consistent tones in any environment.

Lightweight and Portable

Weighing only 2 pounds, this Remo frame drum is easy to take anywhere. The mahogany drum shell has a natural finish, adding an earthy look to your performances. A thumb notch below the drumhead allows for comfortable handheld playing.

The compact 14-inch size provides balanced resonance without being bulky or cumbersome. Easily transport this lightweight frame drum to the park, beach, camping trips, or wherever your musical adventures take you.

Ideal for Drum Circles & Jam Sessions

With its synthetic drumhead, this Remo frame drum maintains consistent tones regardless of weather or humidity changes. The fiberskyn material is durable for hours of drumming yet responsive to your playing techniques.

The wide 10-inch drumhead projects full-bodied resonance with overtones that blend nicely with other percussion. This makes it a versatile frame drum for drum circles, live shows, street performances, and jam sessions.

High Quality Construction

Remo has been crafting quality percussion instruments since 1957. Based in California, all Remo drums are handcrafted with care by skilled artisans. This Remo Fiberskyn frame drum is proudly made in the USA.

The mahogany shell is sturdy yet lightweight. Steel rings on the top and bottom reinforce the drumhead so it maintains roundness. An inner muffling ring under the drumhead dampens overtones for a focused tone.

With quality materials and thoughtful design, this frame drum will bring you years of musical enjoyment. The Fiberskyn drumhead withstands vigorous playing and resists typical wear and tear.

Remo Fiberskyn 14 Inch Frame Drum

  • Frame drum with 14-inch diameter
  • Synthetic Fiberskyn drumhead made of durable, weather-resistant fiber blend
  • 9-ply mahogany shell for warm, resonant tones
  • Rounded bearing edge for clean overtones
  • Thumb notch for handheld playing comfort
  • Lightweight and portable at 2 pounds
  • Made in USA by Remo, leaders in percussion since 1957

Experience the versatility of frame drumming with the Remo Fiberskyn 14 Inch. This lightweight drum is ideal for drum circles, live gigs, street performing, and traveling percussionists. Order today and enjoy quality frame drum tones anywhere your music takes you!


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