Rock Out with the Electric Bass Guitar 4 Strings Full Size P Bass Beginner Kit


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Discover the joy of bass with this complete electric bass guitar starter kit. Whether you’re just learning bass or you’re a seasoned player looking for a quality backup instrument, this full-size 4-string bass guitar has everything you need to start rocking out right out of the box.

Smooth, Balanced Tone from a Quality Bass

The bass guitar features a solid wood body and Canadian maple neck for resonant, projecting tone. The C-shaped neck profile offers a smooth, comfortable feel that facilitates clean fingering up and down the fretboard. Custom wound bass pickups deliver a rich, warm low end along with plenty of punch and definition in the mids and highs. Tone and volume controls give you command over your sound.

This is a real deal bass guitar, not a toy. The solid construction withstands enthusiastic play sessions and stands up to years of musical enjoyment. While designed for beginners, experienced bassists appreciate the quality components and balanced sound that works for all genres from rock to blues to jazz.

Play In Style with Included Bass Gear

The complete starter kit contains everything you need to look and sound like a pro:

– Padded gig bag protects the bass and provides hassle-free transport
– Adjustable shoulder strap lets you stand and play in comfort
– 10′ instrument cable plugs into your amp or PA system for live playing
– 3 high-quality bass picks produce crisp attack and articulation
– Digital clip-on tuner keeps your bass in tune

The bag’s plush interior prevents dings, scratches and wear. Just grab your bass and gear and you’re ready to jam at home, rehearse with your band, or play a gig.

The Perfect Bass for Aspiring Musicians

Learning to play bass guitar opens up new musical horizons. The bass lays down the foundation in any ensemble, locking in with drums to drive the groove. Bassists lend rhythmic feel, harmonic support, and crowd-moving attitude to everything from pop bands to worship teams to jazz combos.

This beginner-friendly bass brings out the best in new players. Low action and adjustable string height let you play with minimal finger pressure. The thin, comfortable neck allows hands of all sizes to maneuver easily. Tuning is smooth and stable even under heavy playing. The focused midrange cuts through the mix while the robust low end fills out the sound.

An Ideal Gift for Bass Students

Do you know someone who’s ready to start their musical journey on bass? This starter pack makes a great gift for:

– High school or college students taking lessons
– Band kids who want to explore a new instrument
– Guitarists transitioning to bass
– Music lovers getting serious about playing
– Anyone looking for a rewarding hobby

With its playability, sound quality, and complete accessory bundle, this starter kit removes any barriers to learning bass guitar. It even comes in a variety of cool color options to fit anyone’s style.

Start Your Bass Adventure Today

Why wait to experience the fun of creating basslines, grooving on the low end, and joining other musicians in jam sessions? This full-size electric bass guitar beginner kit has everything you need. Order now and you’ll be playing bass – and looking forward to every practice session – in no time.


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