Rock Stock Guitar Flat Patch Cables – Save Space and Maximize Your Pedalboard with Premium Right Angle Cables


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If you’re a guitarist who loves effects pedals, you know how frustrating it can be trying to fit all your stompboxes on your pedalboard. The more pedals you have, the more cluttered things get. Before you know it, your pedalboard looks like a tangled mess of cables that inhibits your creativity instead of enhancing it.

The solution? Rock Stock’s ultra-flat patch cables. With their space-saving right angle plugs, these are the ultimate pedalboard patch cables for players who want a clean, optimized layout.

Rock Stock’s flat patch cables come in two configurations – C-shaped and S-shaped. This allows you to choose the shape that works best for each pedal’s input/output jack configuration. No more struggling to cram straight patch cables into impossible spaces! The flat ribbon design takes up way less space than standard round cables.

These cables are built to last, too. The oxygen-free copper conductor provides superior clarity and low noise, while the gold-plated connectors resist corrosion for optimal signal transfer. The durable PVC jacket shields against electromagnetic interference as well.

In short, Rock Stock’s flat patch cables give you two huge benefits:

Maximized Pedalboard Space

The flat ribbon design takes up barely any space at all. This allows you to arrange your pedals exactly how you want them, without cables dictating layout. It helps prevent a cluttered birds nest of cables under your board as well.

Premium Sound Quality

From the oxygen-free copper conductor to the gold-plated connectors, these cables are built to provide clean, pure signal transfer between your pedals. Your tone will shine through with clarity and definition.

Additional details:

  • Available in 3-packs and various lengths (4, 6, and 12 inches)
  • Right angle plugs for space-saving connections
  • Oxygen-free copper conductor for minimal impedance
  • Braided copper shielding prevents outside noise
  • Corrosion-resistant gold-plated connectors
  • Durable PVC jacket
  • C and S-shaped configurations
  • Top and side-mounted 1/4″ TS jacks

For guitarists who love effects pedals, a clean pedalboard setup is crucial. Messy cables that crisscross in a confused tangle get in the way of creativity. They also make it really difficult to rearrange or replace pedals.

Rock Stock’s flat patch cables are the solution you’ve been looking for. Their slim ribbon design conserves precious pedalboard real estate, so you can create your ideal layout. The premium materials and construction ensure noise-free transfer and long-lasting durability, too.

If you’re ready to tame your pedalboard cables, click Add to Cart now to get these flat patch cables today! They come in a 3-pack, so you can connect your entire pedalboard with the same space-saving cables.

Customer Reviews

“These flat patch cables are amazing. I can arrange my pedals any way I want without the cables dictating layout. Now I have room on my board for more pedals!”

“The flat ribbon cables barely take up any space at all. So much easier dealing with patch cables now. I’ll never go back to regular round cables again.”

“I love how flexible these cables are. The slim profile lets me snake them perfectly between pedals. Maximize efficiency on a crowded board.”

“Right angle plugs are a must for a clean pedalboard. These cables nails it with space-saving slim profile and 90 degree plugs.”

“The oxygen-free copper and gold connectors really make a difference. Crystal clear tone with no buzz or loss of signal.”

Start Optimizing Your Pedalboard Now

Don’t put up with a messy bird’s nest of patch cables anymore! Rock Stock’s flat patch cables are a pedalboard game-changer. With the slim ribbon design, you can create any pedal layout you want, without cables restricting you.

The premium conductor and connectors also ensure your tone remains pristine as it travels from pedal to pedal.

Click Add to Cart to get these must-have patch cables today. Your pedalboard creativity will thank you!


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