RØDE Lavalier II Premium Discrete Lapel Microphone for Crystal Clear Voice Capture


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Capture studio-quality audio anywhere with the RØDE Lavalier II premium lavalier microphone. This ultra-low-profile mic is designed for discreet voice recording in broadcast, filmmaking, content creation, interviews, lectures, house of worship, and other applications where clarity and intelligibility are paramount.

Boasting a revolutionary compact design, the Lavalier II is one of the smallest and lightest lavalier mics available, making it easy to conceal on clothing, costumes, etc. The included miniature microphone clip and slimline flat cable further aid in discretion, allowing you to record dialogue without the mic being visible on camera.

Despite its tiny size, the Lavalier II delivers full-bodied broadcast-grade audio with ample richness, presence and intelligibility. It has a neutral frequency response optimized for natural voice reproduction, and an omnidirectional polar pattern that reliably captures sound from all directions. This ensures consistent performance whether mounted below, above or to the side of the speaker’s mouth.

While small in stature, the Lavalier II is big on versatility. It ships with a deluxe accessory kit containing everything needed for professional wired and wireless use. In the box is a foam windshield for reducing plosives and rustling noise, a furry windjammer for outdoor recording, a tie clip for securing the mic, four color-coded ID rings for multi-speaker use, and a zippered carry case.

Connecting is a cinch with the Lavalier II’s 3.5mm locking output, which provides secure attachment to professional wireless systems like the RØDE Wireless GO II. The mic also works seamlessly with recorders, cameras, mobile devices and more using the included 3.5mm to 1/8” (3.5mm) TRS adapter cable.

Whether you’re recording dialogue for a corporate video shoot or a narrative film production, interviews for a podcast or broadcast program, lectures and presentations in educational settings, or anything in between, the Lavalier II delivers the discretion and sound quality that professionals demand. Its combination of diminutive size, broadcast-grade audio, versatile accessories and universal connectivity make it an indispensable audio tool for video professionals and content creators alike.

Key Features:

  • Revolutionary ultra-compact lavalier microphone design for discreet placement
  • Studio-quality sound with neutral frequency response and omnidirectional polar pattern
  • Miniature metal microphone clip and slimline flat cable for concealment
  • Deluxe accessory kit includes wind protection, tie clip, ID rings and zip pouch
  • 3.5mm TRS locking connector provides secure connection to wireless transmitters
  • 3.5mm to 1/8” (3.5mm) adapter cable for wide compatibility

Premium Broadcast-Grade Lavalier Mic

The Lavalier II’s low-profile design makes it the most discreet lavalier microphone available for professional video production. The main microphone capsule measures just 4.5mm in diameter – smaller than an aspirin tablet – and 3mm thin. With the included mic clip attached, it protrudes a mere 6mm from clothing, making it easy to hide. A removable mesh screen provides integral pop filtering to reduce plosives for clean audio.

Despite its tiny stature, the Lavalier II delivers the full-bodied, broadcast-quality sound that RØDE mics are renowned for. It has an extended 20Hz-20kHz frequency range to capture the complete spectrum of human speech, and a neutral frequency response tailored specifically for voice. This ensures warm, natural reproduction without any hyped treble or bass.

The mic’s omnidirectional polar pattern reliably captures audio from all directions with no need for precise positioning. This makes it easy to achieve optimal results whether mounted below the mouth, above the collar, or to the side. Vocal audio will sound consistently clear and intelligible regardless of placement on clothing.

Discrete Mounting Options

A primary benefit of the Lavalier II is discreet positioning on talent to keep the mic hidden from view during filming and recording. Two mounting options are included for maximum flexibility.

The miniature metal microphone clip secures to collars, lapels, ties and other clothing using the attached crocodile clip. At just 10mm x 6mm in size, it adds minimal bulk for easy concealment beneath a collar or lapel.

The included tie clip offers another clandestine mounting method, holding the mic securely under a shirt or blouse. Its alligator-style teeth provide a strong grip without damaging fabric.

Between the tiny mic capsule, slim 3.5mm cable and miniature mounting hardware, the Lavalier II takes lavalier discretion to the next level. Talent can wear it comfortably with no visible mic intruding on camera.

Deluxe Broadcast Accessory Kit

The Lavalier II ships with a broadcast accessory kit containing everything needed to connect, monitor, conceal and protect the microphone across wired and wireless configurations.

Included is the Røde WS2 foam windshield that slips over the mic capsule, providing critical pop filtering to cut down plosives for clearer voice capture. For outdoor recording, the Furry Windjammer adds a fur cover that reduces wind noise and rustling.

The kit also contains four color-coded ID rings allowing multiple Lavalier II mics to be used simultaneously with easy identification. A heavy-duty zippered pouch provides safe storage and transport.

Seamless Wired & Wireless Connectivity

With its 3.5mm TRS locking output, the Lavalier II plugs directly into wireless transmitters like the RØDE Wireless GO II for cable-free recording. The connector locks securely into the transmitter to prevent disconnection during use.

For wired recording, the 3.5mm to 1/8” (3.5mm) TRS adapter cable is included for connecting to DSLR and mirrorless cameras, mobile devices, laptops, audio recorders and mixers. The cable ensures broad compatibility and reliable performance.

Whatever the setup, the Lavalier II delivers pristine studio-quality audio for professional voice recording and content creation. Its transparency captures all the richness, nuance and expression of the human voice.

Key Specs

  • Transducer Type: Electret condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Output: 3.5mm TRS locking
  • Bit Depth: 24
  • Sample Rate: 48kHz
  • Sensitivity: -35dBV/Pa
  • Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 70dB SPL
  • Power Requirements: Min 2.5V / Max 10V

For crystal clear voice capture and discreet mounting in broadcast, film, content creation and other professional applications, the RØDE Lavalier II premium lavalier microphone delivers the perfect blend of performance, versatility and stealth.


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