Roland AE-05 Aerophone GO Digital Wind Instrument with Built-in Speakers and Headphone Jack, Portable Saxophone Alternative




The Roland AE-05 Aerophone GO brings saxophone-style playing to musicians of all levels in an easy to use, portable digital wind instrument. Weighing just 1 pound 9 ounces, the Aerophone GO gives you expressive sax, clarinet, flute, violin, and more sounds anywhere you want to play.

This wind synth fits right in your hands like a saxophone, with comfortable rounded edges, adjustable thumb rest, and light weight balanced body. Simply blow into the mouthpiece to start playing! The instrument senses your breath intensity and articulation, converting it into vibrant, real-sounding tones through built-in speakers or headphones.

Out of the box, the Aerophone GO offers 11 versatile onboard sounds:

– Alto Sax 1
– Alto Sax 2
– Tenor Sax
– Soprano Sax
– Flute
– Clarinet
– Oboe
– English Horn
– Bassoon
– Strings
– Synth Lead

Expand your sonic palette with 50 additional premium sounds available through the free AeroSynth app for iOS and Android, including ethnic winds, brass, synths, choirs, guitars, basses and more.

Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to play along with music streaming from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The Aerophone GO makes practicing fun and engaging.

Features like pitch bend buttons, vibrato control, and customizable effects like delay and reverb give you dynamic sound shaping options, while the built-in recorder allows you to save and export your performances.

The Aerophone GO runs on 4 AA batteries for 10 hours of portable playing time, or can be powered over USB. Lightweight and easily stashed in its included carrying case, it’s the perfect travel companion for musicians, whether complementing your acoustic sax practice or enabling winds playing in whisper-quiet environments.

With its authentic playing feel, rich sound set, and ultra-portable form factor, the Aerophone GO makes saxophone-style expression accessible like never before.

Key Features:

– Portable, lightweight digital wind instrument with saxophone fingering
– 11 onboard sounds – Alto Sax 1 & 2, Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, English Horn, Bassoon, Strings, Synth Lead
– 50 additional sounds available through AeroSynth mobile app
– Breath-sensitive mouthpiece with bite sensor captures expressive playing
– Built-in speakers and headphone jack for silent practice
– Bluetooth audio connectivity to play along with songs
– Customizable effects like reverb and delay
– Pitch bend buttons and vibrato control
– Recorder function to save and export performances
– Runs on 4x AA batteries or USB power
– Comes with soft case for travel and storage
– Fun and easy way to get into wind instruments

Make music wherever you go with the Roland Aerophone GO Digital Wind Instrument. Perfect for students, hobbyists, saxophonists, or anyone that wants expressive, versatile wind playing without the learning curve. Order today to start playing!


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