Roland Juno-X 61-Key Polyphonic Synthesizer with Authentic Vintage Synth Models and Modern Sound Design


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The Roland Juno-X combines the iconic sound of the legendary Juno synths with modern synthesizer capabilities and extensive sonic versatility. This professional 61-key keyboard offers hardware models of the vintage Juno-60 and Juno-106, plus a new Juno-X model with enhanced features. Over 1500 onboard sounds derived from Roland classics like the XV, RD and D-50 expand your creative palette.

At the heart of the Juno-X is Roland’s powerful ZEN-Core synthesis engine. This allows complex sound design while faithfully recreating the character of vintage analog and digital synths. Intuitive real-time controls provide dynamic sound morphing and motion. The addition of a user Model Expansion slot allows loading sounds from Roland Cloud subscriptions for access to classic instruments like the Jupiter-8, JD-800 and more.

For performing keyboardists, the Juno-X is a versatile creative partner on stage and in the studio. The 61-note velocity-sensitive keyboard with aftertouch enables nuanced playing dynamics. Professional sequencing, arpeggiation and full MIDI control capabilities allow crafting complete arrangements. Onboard effects, a classic Roland vocoder, and hands-on sound shaping controls offer endless sonic possibilities.

Key Features

  • Hardware models of the Juno-60 and Juno-106 recreate iconic ’80s synth sounds
  • New Juno-X model adds modern enhancements like the Super Saw oscillator
  • ZEN-Core synthesis engine for modeling vintage synths and advanced sound design
  • Over 1500 onboard sounds derived from vintage Roland gear
  • User Model Expansion slot allows loading sounds from Roland Cloud
  • 61-note velocity-sensitive keyboard with aftertouch
  • Hands-on controls for tweaking sounds in real time

Authentic Recreations of Vintage Juno Synths

The Juno name is practically synonymous with synth legend. The Juno-X pays homage to these iconic instruments with its faithful Hardware synth models.

The Juno-60 model expertly captures the character of the original with its instantly recognizable sawtooth and square wave tones. Punchy basses, lush strings, crystalline pads, and shimmering FX are all reproduced in detail.

The Juno-106 model brings back the classic mid-80s vibe with the synth’s signature chorus effect and buttery analog voice. If you loved the 106’s distinctive character, you’ll love playing this Hardware model.

In addition, the new Juno-X model provides modern enhancements like the aggressive Super Saw waveform for huge unison sounds. Updated controls like the Chorus III effect and self-oscillating LFO open up fresh sonic possibilities.

With all three models available at your fingertips, the Juno-X unlocks the full creative spectrum of this legendary synth family. Rediscover the retro vibe that defined the ’80s sound or explore new musical horizons – the possibilities are endless.

Versatile Sound Design with ZEN-Core Synthesis

The Juno-X utilizes Roland’s advanced ZEN-Core synthesis engine to power its authentic Hardware synth models and versatile sound design capabilities. ZEN-Core combines the warmth of analog with the precision of digital to recreate vintage synth tones while also providing complex modern sound programming.

Intuitive hands-on controls make it easy to shape sounds in real time. Tweak filter and amp envelopes, sculpt tones with the LFO and effects, and blend up to six oscillators to create unique textures. The Animate buttons add motion and expression to your playing by morphing sounds dynamically over time.

With the Juno-X, cherished vintage synth tones and cutting-edge sound design exist seamlessly in one powerful yet accessible instrument.

Expand Your Sound Library with Roland Cloud

In addition to its ample onboard sounds derived from synths like the XV, RD and D-50, the Juno-X allows loading new sounds via Roland Cloud subscription. The user Model Expansion slot lets you access instrument plugins like the Jupiter-8, JD-800, JX-3P, Vocal Designer and many more. This gives you a constantly growing synth sound library direct from Roland’s decades-long history of innovation. Whether seeking that elusive vintage tone or experimental modern textures, your sonic options are nearly endless.

Perform and Produce with 61-Note Keyboard

The Juno-X’s 61-note keyboard unlocks the expressive potential of its sounds during performance and in the studio. Velocity and pressure sensitivity allow nuanced playing dynamics for musical parts. Dedicated pitch and mod wheels provide real-time sound morphing at your fingertips. And full MIDI I/O enables controlling external synths, sequencers, DAWs and more.

With pro features like an onboard 16-track sequencer, intuitive D-Beam controller, classic vocoder and studio-grade effects, the Juno-X empowers any keyboardist to take their music to the next level.

Relive synth nostalgia or explore the future – the Roland Juno-X places quintessential vintage tones alongside modern sound design for the ultimate programmable polyphonic synthesizer.


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