Roland Jupiter-X 61-Key Synthesizer


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Experience the pinnacle of Roland sound quality and design with the 61-key Jupiter-X synthesizer. This professional keyboard combines a premium all-metal build with Roland’s latest ZEN-Core synthesis engine to recreate iconic vintage sounds.

Legendary Roland Instruments Reimagined

The Jupiter-X morphs into recreations of Roland’s most iconic vintage synthesizers like the Jupiter-8, Juno-106, and SH-101. Analog classics blend seamlessly with digital machines like the XP-5080 and RD pianos. Iconic Roland drum machines like the TR-808, TR-909, and CR-78 lay the rhythmic foundation. Jupiter-X brings the expansive Roland legacy together into one inspiring instrument.

Jupiter-8 – Flagship ’80s Analog Polyphonic Synth

The Jupiter-8’s creamy analog tone made it a go-to polyphonic synth for legendary artists. Jupiter-X captures the Jup-8’s analog oscillators and filters, 4-voice cross-modulation, and other trademark elements.

Juno-106 – Pioneering ’80s Analog Polyphonic Synth

The Juno-106 brought analog synthesis to the masses with its affordability and straightforward interface. Jupiter-X recreates the punchy, crystalline Juno tone that defined the ’80s sound.

SH-101 – Monophonic Analog Bass & Lead Synth

The SH-101 mono synth is beloved for its thick, resonant low end and searing lead tones. Jupiter-X captures its fat oscillators and famous filter for bass, FX, and beyond.

Premium Design & Build

The Jupiter-X sports an elegant, road-ready design clad in brushed aluminum. Premium components like the 61-note keyboard with aftertouch stand up to intense use. The pitch/mod lever and enlarged OLED display provide hands-on vintage appeal.

The 61-key keyboard features our best action ever with aftertouch support for emotive playing dynamics. Quality construction ensures stability during transport and performance. Large, Velocity/AT sensitive pads provide intuitive rhythm input.

ZEN-Core Synthesis System

The all-new ZEN-Core Synthesis System powers a sound engine capable of authentic vintage tones or futuristic discovery.

Oscillators deliver saw, triangle, sine, noise, and over 400 multi-sample PCM waveforms. Specialized filters recreate sought-after analog characteristics.

Deep modulation and expansive effects open creative possibilities. I-Arpeggio generates inspirational accompaniment parts. Load your own samples via USB and sculpt sounds with FM, ring mod, and more.

Roland Authenticity & Inspiration

With legendary Roland sound recreation plus contemporary voicing, the Jupiter-X offers inspiration for all music creators.

Producers can draw upon decades of iconic instruments from pop, rock, electronic, and beyond.

Keyboardists get premium playability with aftertouch and luxurious action.

Sound designers will explore new horizons thanks to the versatile synthesis engine.

The Jupiter-X brings Roland legacy together into one professional synthesizer ideal for stage and studio.


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