Roland Keyboard Synthesizer AC Power Adapter Charger


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Keep your Roland keyboard synthesizer powered up and ready to play with this high-quality AC power adapter charger. Compatible with popular Roland models like the Juno Di, Juno-G, Gaia SH-01, AX Synth, and GI-20, this adapter replaces the original power supply and cord for seamless performance.

With advanced design and premium construction, this replacement adapter provides stable, reliable power for your keyboard on stage or in the studio. The high power exchange efficiency helps control the working temperature, preventing overheating and potential damage to your gear.

While not an official OEM Roland product, this adapter is 100% compatible with specified Roland synthesizers. It allows you to power up, play, practice, record, and produce music without worrying about a failing power supply.

Key Features:

– Replaces original power supply for Roland keyboards
– Compatible with Juno Di, Juno-G, Gaia SH-01, AX Synth, GI-20
– Advanced design prevents overheating
– Stable, reliable power for music production
– High efficiency power exchange
– AC 100-240V worldwide voltage compatibility
– Over voltage and heat protection
– FCC and CE certified for safety

Never Be Without Power

A faulty or missing power adapter can be incredibly frustrating, stopping your creative flow just when inspiration strikes. This replacement adapter ensures you’ll always have juice when you need it, allowing you to focus on making music rather than technical issues.

The advanced circuitry provides steady, regulated power that meets the specific demands of Roland synthesizers. Stable current ensures your keyboard has the power it needs for optimal operation during demanding tasks like complex patch creation, recording, and live performance.

You can plug in and play for hours without power fluctuations or unexpected shutdowns. The adapter won’t overload your gear with spikes and surges that lead to crashes or damage.

Global Use for Performers and Producers

For keyboard players, producers, and DJs on the go, the AC 100-240V input voltage allows you to use this power adapter worldwide.

Whether you’re on an international tour or traveling between studios, you can keep your Roland keyboard equipped with the proper power source. The last thing you want before a big show or major recording session is realizing you don’t have the right adapter for the local power output.

With overheating protection, you can confidently use the charger for extended periods in any country without risk of failure or blown fuses. The advanced components regulate temperature for cool operation in studios and on hot stage lighting rigs.

Premium Construction for Long-Lasting Reliability

This adapter incorporates quality materials and sturdy construction for enduring performance you can count on. The high-grade components provide the exact power specifications required by Roland keyboards for optimal functionality.

Choose this reliable power solution for flawless keyboard operation anywhere in the world. Never miss a beat during live gigs or lose that perfect take due to a faulty adapter. With safety certifications and protective circuitry, you can trust this adapter to power your Roland keyboard like a champ show after show.


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