Rowin Dumble Style Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal




Achieve the coveted Dumble overdriven amp tone with the Rowin Dumbler overdrive pedal. This compact stompbox packs the highly desired Dumble sound into a rugged, small footprint design. Sculpt your tone with gain, tone and volume controls. The true bypass switching ensures no loss of clarity when the effect is disengaged.

Legendary Dumble Overdrive

The Dumbler pedal expertly emulates the overdriven sound of coveted Dumble guitar amplifiers. Turn the gain up to get the rich, smooth overdrive tone that defined rock guitar tones in the 70s and 80s. The amp-like overdrive spans from subtle bite to saturated sustain.

Shape Your Overdrive Sound

Tailor the overdrive to match your guitar and playing style using the onboard controls. The Gain knob determines the overall amount of overdrive, from clean boost to heavy distortion. Adjust Tone to brighten or darken the sound. Use Volume to boost the decibel level. Further tweak your tone by adjusting guitar volume and pickup combinations.

True Bypass Operation

The true bypass switching ensures maximum signal integrity when the pedal is off. Your guitar signal flows directly from input to output jack with no loss of clarity or high end. The pedal circuit engages only when you step on the switch for seamless transition between clean and overdriven tones.

Heavy Duty Construction

The Dumbler pedal uses a tough metal alloy housing and heavy duty footswitch that stands up to stomping night after night. The jacks and potentiometers are board mounted for better connectivity over thousands of uses. Powered by a standard 9 volt adapter (not included).

Compact Design Saves Space

The small profile occupies minimal space on your pedalboard. Measuring just 2.75 x 4.33 x 2 inches, it fits easily into tight pedal arrangements. The intelligent layout provides easy access to all knobs and jacks. Power input and output jacks are conveniently located on the side.

Versatile Tone Enhancer

The Dumbler isn’t just for rock and metal tones. It also excels as a lead boost for solos, adding sustain and harmonic richness to any guitar. Enhance rhythm tones with a touch of natural sounding overdrive. Push a tube amp intosmooth breakup.

Where to Buy

Get the Rowin Dumbler overdrive pedal at leading musical instrument retailers or find a great deal online. Every guitarist needs a quality overdrive on their pedalboard, so grab the Dumbler today!


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