SAPHUE Vintage Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal – Classic Analog Tone with Modern Reliability


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The SAPHUE Vintage Phaser delivers the warm, lush phasing effects popularized by guitar legends in the 60s and 70s, with the reliability demanded by today’s professional guitarists. Whether you want to recreate iconic rock tones or develop your own signature psychedelic swirls, the SAPHUE Phaser has you covered.

Vintage-Inspired, Analog Tone

At the heart of this pedal lies an all-analog phaser circuit that faithfully recreates the hypnotic phase shifting effects of vintage stompboxes. The single Speed knob allows you to sweep through the entire range of whooshing, swooshing phaser tones, from a subtle shimmer to a drastic, jet engine-like wash.

Throughout the sweep, the pedal maintains a rich, organic tone thanks to the analog circuit. Digital phasers often sound cold and sterile in comparison. The SAPHUE Phaser keeps your tone warm and nuanced, just like the phasers built decades ago.

Noise Reduction for Clean Operation

Even with the carefully crafted, all-analog signal path, the SAPHUE Phaser utilizes noise reduction circuitry to minimize background noise. This ensures you get the cleanest phaser tones possible, without the swells and hum that can plague vintage phasers.

You can crank up the rate and depth without unpleasant noise overtaking your sound. Whether using the pedal for a subtle phase shimmer or more dramatic effects, unwanted noise is never an issue.

True Bypass and Simple Interface

The SAPHUE Phaser features a true bypass design that maintains the integrity of your guitar tone when the pedal is disengaged. Your signal flows directly from input to output jack with no loss of clarity or high end.

The simple one knob interface makes it easy to quickly dial in your perfect phasing effects. Just set the Speed to blend in a touch of movement or push it all the way to warp your tone dramatically. An LED indicates the on/off status of the pedal.

Rugged Metal Housing

The SAPHUE Phaser is built into a rugged metal housing to withstand years of use. It’s compact enough to fit on even the most crowded pedalboards, yet the casing is tough enough for touring musicians.

The housing has a vintage-styled finish that looks great next to your other stompboxes. Durable and road-ready, yet with classic styling – the best of both worlds.

Powered by Standard 9V Adapter

Keep your board neat and organized by powering the SAPHUE Phaser with a standard 9V DC power adapter, center negative (sold separately). No need for bulky battery packs.

Any standard “boss type” guitar pedal power supply will work perfectly. Combine it with other 9V pedals on an isolated power brick and streamline your rig’s power.

Lifetime Guarantee

We stand behind the SAPHUE Phaser with a lifetime guarantee against defects. In the unlikely event you experience an issue with the pedal, just contact us for a replacement.

We take pride in building reliable, great-sounding guitar effects. Our hassle-free warranty gives you peace of mind. Try the SAPHUE Phaser risk-free!

Classic Phasing Effects for Today’s Players

With its vintage-voiced all-analog circuit, noise reduction, true bypass operation, and road-ready housing, the SAPHUE Phaser brings timeless phasing effects to modern pedalboards. Dial in anything from subtle shimmer to warped psychedelia with the single Speed knob. See why top players trust the SAPHUE Phaser to deliver iconic phaser tones night after night.


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