Schecter SGR-UNIV Universal Hardshell Guitar Case


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Every guitarist needs a sturdy, protective case to keep their prized instrument safe when traveling. The Schecter SGR-UNIV Universal Hardshell Guitar Case is the perfect solution for players who want one reliable case that can fit a variety of guitar models and shapes. This versatile case was designed to accommodate most full-size solid body guitars, giving you peace of mind on the road or in storage.

Fits a Wide Variety of Guitar Shapes and Styles

The ingenious SGR-UNIV case features a universal contoured body designed to snugly fit single and double cutaway solid body electric guitars. The interior is fully padded with soft lining to prevent scratches and dings. The case has a roomy internal dimension of 41.5” x 15.5” x 3.75”, providing plenty of space for various guitar designs. Models with flat or arched/carved tops up to 3.25” thick can securely fit inside.

If you own multiple guitars such as a Les Paul, SG, Telecaster, Stratocaster, Ibanez, or other solid body electrics, the SGR-UNIV is a versatile case that can work for each of them. No longer do you need to buy individual cases for all your instruments. With its universal contoured shape, this single case has you covered.

Durable Exterior Protects Your Guitar

The SGR-UNIV features a super-resilient composite exterior shell to protect your guitar from impact damage. The outer layer is constructed using a proprietary molded plastic that is lighter than wood yet provides enhanced strength. The textured surface also gives an improved grip when transporting your instrument.

For even more protection, the case includes a padded edging around the perimeter. This extra layer of cushioning absorbs shock if the case is accidentally dropped or bumped. The molded design also features molded feet to prevent scuffs and scratches on the bottom. Your guitar will be shielded by the durable exterior construction.

Secure Locking Mechanism

Keeping your guitar safe and secure while traveling is a top priority. That’s why the SGR-UNIV case incorporates dual integrated locking hasps for enhanced protection. The latches attach tightly to the body, compressing the lid down snugly over your instrument inside. Lockable clasps let you use a small padlock (sold separately) for added security.

The interior neck support is also specially designed to keep your guitar firmly in place. A contoured brace with soft padding cradles the back of the neck to prevent movement. No more worrying about your guitar shifting around and getting damaged inside the case during transit.

Premium Plush Interior Lining

Your guitar deserves the absolute best protection, that’s why the SGR-UNIV features a lush interior lining. The case is fully padded with soft, cushioned black velvet material. This high-end plush lining envelops your guitar to prevent scratches, scuffs or dings. The supple velvet also protects more delicate finishes.

The neck brace is covered with the same premium padding for a gentle, secure hold. Plus the case includes an interior accessory pocket, ideal for storing small items like picks or a tuner. Keep your guitar and accessories organized and protected.

Superior Protection On the Go

The Schecter SGR-UNIV Universal Hardshell Guitar Case delivers premium protection and convenience for guitarists with diverse collections. Stop wasting money on individual cases and simplify your storage with one road-ready solution. Know that all your precious guitars are shielded by the durable exterior shell, plush interior padding, and secure locking system. Order the SGR-UNIV case today and take your instruments anywhere, worry-free.


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