SCOVEE 6.6ft Replacement USB Cable for Blue Yeti Microphones – Charge & Record Simultaneously with Extra Long Cord


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Tired of short, flimsy USB cables fraying and failing when you need them most? Introducing the SCOVEE premium replacement USB cord specifically designed for Blue Yeti microphones. With an extra long 6.6ft length, this heavy duty USB cable allows you to charge your Blue Yeti while recording – no more interrupted streams or recordings because your cable can’t reach a wall outlet!

Charge & Record Simultaneously Without Constraints

The SCOVEE Blue Yeti USB replacement cable is made with high gauge, low impedance wiring that provides unrestricted power delivery for fast charging while you’re recording or streaming. The lengthy 6.6ft cable gives you the flexibility to position your Blue Yeti microphone farther from outlets to find the perfect recording spot without running out of slack.

Whether you’re recording vocals in the studio, hosting a gaming stream, or podcasting in the living room, this auxiliary cable for Blue Yeti mics enables you to broadcast uninterrupted while powering your microphone at full speed.

Superior Durability for Reliable Performance

Developed with premium, thick PVC material, the SCOVEE Blue Yeti microphone cord is super durable to withstand over 10,000 bends without damage or signal loss. The cable’s reinforced connections are tightly wrapped to prevent fraying and loose plugs.

While standard USB cables fray and fail after months of regular use, SCOVEE’s auxiliary cable is made to last. The high quality materials and reinforced stress points provide long-lasting performance you can rely on for flawless recordings, podcasts, and streams.

Seamless Compatibility with Blue Yeti Models

Engineered specifically for compatibility with Blue Yeti microphones, including the Yeti, Yeti Pro, and Snowball iCE, the SCOVEE replacement USB cord plugs in and syncs seamlessly with no drivers required.

The standard USB-A to micro-USB design connects your Blue Yeti mic directly to your computer or laptop for power and signal transmission. Whether you use a Windows PC or Mac, this auxiliary cable integrates flawlessly with any recording software.


  • Length: 6.6ft
  • Connectors: USB-A to Micro-USB
  • Compatibility: Blue Yeti, Yeti Pro, Snowball iCE
  • jacket: PVC
  • Plug & Play – no drivers or software required

Experience the Freedom to Record Anywhere

Don’t let short, flimsy cables limit your recording potential. With an extra long 6.6ft cord, the SCOVEE replacement USB cable provides the freedom to position your Blue Yeti microphone anywhere inspiration strikes without worrying about outlet proximity.

Charge rapidly without performance lag and record without interruptions. The SCOVEE auxiliary cord is specifically engineered to meet the power demands of Blue Yeti mics while delivering crystal clear sound.

Ditch your stock USB cable and upgrade to the SCOVEE wire for Blue Yeti microphones. With unmatched durability and reliable connectivity, you can finally produce professional recordings and streams without cable failures!



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