Sequential Pro 3 Multi-filter Mono Hybrid Synthesizer


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Experience Deep, Dynamic Analog Sound with the Feature-Packed Sequential Pro 3

The Sequential Pro 3 is a professional-grade analog mono synth with a completely unique signal path and powerful multi-filtering architecture. Designed for maximum sonic versatility, it packs tons of sound sculpting tools into an intuitive, performance-focused interface. Whether you crave vintage warmth or futuristic textures, the Pro 3 delivers.

Hybrid Analog Sound Engine

At the heart of the Pro 3 is a hybrid analog sound engine that utilizes both digital oscillators and real analog filters. The mix of digital oscillators and analog filters provides the best of both worlds – the stability and waveforms of digital oscillators combined with the coveted saturation and richness of classic analog filters.

This hybrid design allows for incredibly deep programming options and the ability to craft sounds not possible with pure analog or digital synths.

Triple Filtration with Variable Routing

What really makes the Pro 3 unique is its triple filter structure, an innovative design not found on any other synth. It consists of 1 multi-mode filter and 2 variable state filters that can run in series, parallel or a blended mix.

Having 3 independent filters enables massive flexibility in shaping sounds. You can create lavish textures by filtering in series, or extract new timbres by processing signals in parallel. The possibilities are vast thanks to filter matrices that allow you to individually route oscillator 1, oscillator 2, noise and external audio to any of the filters.

37 Velocity & Pressure Sensitive Keys

The Sequential Pro 3 features a premium 37-note keyboard with velocity and aftertouch sensitivity for dynamic expression while performing. The keys transmit MIDI velocity data for controlling volume, filter envelopes, and more. Aftertouch sends MIDI pressure information after the initial key strike for effects like vibrato, brighter filters, thicker tones and more.

The keyboard unlocks the Pro 3’s potential as a powerful mono synth lead and soloing instrument, not just an analog sound design tool. Playability was at the forefront of its design.

3-Voice Paraphonic Mode

In addition to standard monophonic operation, the Pro 3 can be switched to paraphonic mode which allows up to 3 notes to be played simultaneously. This makes it feasible to play triad chords as well as more harmonically rich leads and sequences.

Note that in paraphonic mode the third voice steals its filter from the first voice, so some timbral consistency is maintained. But this gives you plenty of polyphonic-style layering possibilities without compromising the Pro 3’s character as a mono synth.

Classic Analog Style with Modern Connectivity

The Sequential Pro 3 combines vintage analog style with contemporary convenience. It provides abundant real-time controls for an intuitive, hands-on experience. The angled front panel puts the controls at the perfect viewing angle while performing.

And despite the retro aesthetics, the Pro 3 integrates seamlessly with your DAW or vintage gear. You get USB and 5-pin MIDI connectivity, plus analog clock sync. Control the Pro 3 from your DAW via USB MIDI or hook it up to your vintage analog gear with DIN MIDI and CV/Gate connections.

Layer Sounds with Dual Analog Oscillators

Each of the Pro 3’s analog-modeled oscillators can produce triangle, sawtooth and variable pulse waveforms, as well as a multi-waveform capable of generating multiple complex waves at once. Hard sync between the oscillators fattens up leads and basses for powerful, cutting tones.

The oscillators can be layered and detuned to create massive unison sounds. Separate pitch modulation via the mod envelope and LFO keeps things interesting. There’s also external audio input for filtering external sounds through the Pro 3’s filters.

Sculpt Sound with 4 Looping Envelopes

There are 2 assignable multi-stage looping AD envelopes and 2 assignable AR envelopes with looping capabilities for shaping sounds. Use them to modulate volume, filter frequency, pulse width and more. In combination with 3 LFOs, you get intricate control over modulation and movement.

The looping envelopes are perfect for anything from snappy percussive sounds to evolving pads and leads. Complex modulation shapes like stair steps and sloping curves are possible.

Intuitive Hands-On Control

Despite its deep capabilities, the Pro 3 interface remains intuitive and performer-friendly. All primary synth parameters are instantly accessible via dedicated knobs – no menu diving or stuttered parameter access through shared controls.

Matrix based modulation routing offers plenty of options without getting overly complex. Sequential designed the Pro 3 for players and producers who want great sound with immediate control feedback.

Killer Analog Bass, Leads, Sequences and More

Thanks to its versatile oscs, multi-mode filters and assignable envelopes, the Pro 3 excels at fat basses, screaming leads and rich pads. The 3-note paraphonic mode opens up new possibilities for chordal parts and melodic sequences. And with CV/Gate interfacing, it plays nicely with vintage gear too.

Whether you are producing electronic tracks, scoring films, performing live or just want to program awesome synth sounds, the Sequential Pro 3 packs next-level analog synthesis into an intuitive, playable instrument.


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