Shape Your Acoustic Sound with Precision and Clarity




The Orange Acoustic Pedal gives you studio-quality tone shaping and feedback control in a compact stompbox. Adjustable mid, notch, bass, and treble knobs fine-tune your acoustic guitar’s sound. A transparent FX loop integrates with pedalboards. The noise-free buffered output delivers your tone over long cables and distances without tone loss.

Bundle Includes:

– Orange Acoustic Pedal
– Adjustable Mic Stand from Blucoil
– 10-ft Straight Instrument Cable from Blucoil
– Right-Angled Patch Cables from Blucoil
– 10-ft Balanced XLR Cable from Blucoil
– Celluloid Guitar Picks from Blucoil

Take your acoustic tone from the practice room to the stage with complete tonal control and no noise. The Orange Acoustic Pedal bundle has everything you need.


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