Shure PGA52 Dynamic Swivel-Mount Kick-Drum Microphone – No Cable


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Capture the true thunder of your kick drum with the Shure PGA52 dynamic microphone. Designed specifically for kick-drum miking, this mic delivers the tight, commanding low end that drives the beat in any music style. Shure engineered the PGA52 from the ground up to reproduce kick drums with accuracy and power using a specialized cartridge tuned precisely for low-frequency response.

Whether on stage or in the studio, the PGA52 makes miking your kick drum easier than ever. Its innovative swivel-joint mounts in seconds, allows quick positioning even in tight spots, and holds firm during performance. And with its low-profile metal design and unobtrusive visual presence, the mic blends discreetly into any drum kit configuration. Pick up the Shure PGA52 to give your kick drum the customized, professional-grade miking it deserves.

Tuned for Tight, Thundering Low End

Great kick drum miking requires a microphone tailored specifically for the task. The PGA52 uses a specialized dynamic cartridge designed by Shure engineers to capture kick drums with accuracy and high sonic quality.

Specialized LF Cartridge – Optimized specifically for kick-drum reproduction from 20 to 10,000 Hz.

Tight, Controlled Low End – Tuned to deliver clean, tight bass free of boom or exaggeration.

Clear, Natural Attack – Accurate transient response captures realistic kick attack.

Cardioid Pattern – Focuses on sound from the front while rejecting unwanted noise from the sides and rear.

Road-worthy Build – Rugged metal construction withstands the beating of live performance.

The result is a mic that truly brings out the best in your kick drum – the depth, tightness, and power professional drummers demand.

Position It Quickly. Lock It Down Securely.

Miking a kick drum mid-performance requires positioning a mic fast and locking it down tight. The PGA52’s innovative swivel-joint mount gets the mic placed and secured in seconds.

Quick-Release Swivel Mount – Get the mic angle just right with the adjustable, locking swivel mount.

Easy Front/Rear Switching – Flip the entire mic 180 degrees to switch between front and rear drum heads.

Secure Locking – The strong, compact latch keeps the mic locked tightly in place on any drum hoop.

Low Profile – Discreet, lightweight mounting hardware fits drum kits seamlessly.

Optional Gooseneck – Use the A25D drum mount for full positioning flexibility (sold separately).

Now you can optimize kick drum mic placement quickly and lock in that ideal sound every time.

Hear the Truth of Your Drum

engineers designed every component of the PGA52 specifically for kick-drum miking accuracy. From its specialized low-frequency cartridge to its uncolored sound, the PGA52 articulates the true character of your kick drum.

Clear, Honest Sound – The PGA52 adds no artificial boom, ring, or distortion.

Consistent Sound – Uniform cardioid pattern maintains accurate response if mic shifts.

Minimal Bleed – Tight polar pattern focuses on kick drum, rejecting other drums and stages noise.

Rugged Dependability – Road-tough build ensures reliability gig after gig.

Discreet Appearance – Low-profile design blends unobtrusively into any drum kit.

You get the truth of your kick drum – the attack, the depth, and the emotion. That truth comes through clearly in any live mix or recording.

The Professional Choice

Serious drummers rely on the Shure PGA52 to deliver the high-quality kick drum sound their music demands. With its specialized engineering, innovative mounting, and uncompromising audio reproduction, the PGA52 brings out the absolute best in every kick drum. Trust Shure’s decades of industry expertise and get the rich, commanding kick sound you deserve with the PGA52 kick drum microphone.


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