SING F LTD Pop Filter Set Compatible with HyperX QuadCast S – Premium Shield Guards Against Plosives & Wind Noise




Give your HyperX QuadCast S studio-quality protection from pops and distortion with the SING F LTD pop filter set. Designed specifically for the QuadCast S microphone, these foam covers block plosives and ambient noise to preserve pristine audio.

Premium Density Foam Material

Constructed from high-density acoustic foam, the pop shields have just the right amount of pliability to create an effective barrier against distortions. The foam material provides noise dampening density while retaining shape after repeated use.

Snug Fit Design

Shaped to hug the grilles of the HyperX QuadCast S microphone, the pop filters deliver a custom, contoured fit. The elastic foam stretches over the mic for security while retaining the original sleek aesthetics.

Blocks Plosives, Pops, and Hiss

The foam guards prevent pops, crackles, and hisses from marring your recordings. By diffusing fast-moving air molecules, they stop plosives from ever reaching the sensitive microphone capsule.

Reduces Ambient Noise

Unwanted sounds like computer fans, AC units, and traffic get trapped by the dense foam. Your vocals and instruments will come through loud and clear without competing background noise.

Shields Against Dust and Moisture

The pop filter covers add a layer of protection to keep dust and moisture away from the microphone interior. This helps prevent deterioration over time for long-lasting performance.

Easy to Attach and Remove

Just stretch the elastic foam covers over the capsule end to install them securely. When not needed, gently slide them off for storage or to access controls. No tools or adhesives required.

Compatible with HyperX QuadCast S

Exclusively designed for the QuadCast S microphone, the pop filters contour to the grille for a custom fit. They are not compatible with other HyperX models or microphones.

Ideal for Vocals, Instruments, Podcasting & Gaming

Give your vocals added warmth and intimacy without pops. Capture acoustic guitars, drums, and wind instruments without blasts distorting the mix. Protect vocal recordings for podcasts, ASMR, streaming, and narration.

Preserves Studio Quality Audio

The QuadCast S delivers pristine 24-bit audio quality. Keep your recordings free of pops and ambient noise with SING F LTD pop filters. Preserve the clarity and detail that makes this microphone stand out.

Complete 2-Pack Set

The set includes two foam microphone covers so you have a spare when recording vocals or instruments in stereo. Share one with a podcast or streaming partner.

Premium Materials for Durability

Constructed from dense acoustic foam that retains its shape through repeated use, the pop shields withstand daily studio use. The elastic material stretches over the mic without tearing or wearing out.

Brand You Can Trust

SING F LTD has been producing microphone accessories for over 5 years. They use premium materials and clever designs to improve audio for home studios and live production.

Compatible HyperX QuadCast S Models

The pop filters are compatible with the following HyperX QuadCast S microphones:

– QuadCast S – Black (HKSC2X-BK/G)
– QuadCast S – White (HKSC2X-WH/G
– QuadCast S – Red (HKSC2X-RD/G)

They fit the standard design across all color models and Limited Edition variants.

How to Install the Pop Filters

Installing the foam covers is quick and easy:

1. Unpack the pop filters from the package. Handle gently to avoid creasing.

2. Align one foam cover over the top grille of your QuadCast S microphone.

3. Stretch the material over the corners until it fits snugly. Go around the circumference adjusting for uniform tightness.

4. Repeat steps with the second foam cover on the bottom grille.

5. Check microphone operation and audio quality before recording.

6. To remove, gently stretch and slide off for storage.

How to Maintain Your Pop Filters

– Use a soft brush to remove surface dust between recordings.

– If the material gets indented, gently squeeze and manipulate to restore shape.

– Wipe with a dry microfiber cloth to clean.

– Avoid submerging in water or using liquid cleaners.

Buy With Confidence

SING F LTD provides a 30-day money back guarantee for quality related issues. They want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase.

Experience the ultimate in studio-quality audio protection with the SING F LTD pop filter set for HyperX QuadCast S microphones. Guard against distortion for professional vocal and instrumental recordings.


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