Starfavor Dual Speaker Pole Mount – Mount & Pair PA Speakers for Professional Sound


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Getting great sound at your next event requires quality PA speakers. But what if you want stereo separation without buying two full speaker stands? Starfavor’s dual speaker pole mount solves the problem. Mount two speakers on one stand and take your audio to the next level.

Convenient Design Expands Your Speaker Capabilities

Starfavor’s dual speaker mount converts a single speaker stand into a dual mount. The sturdy steel bracket clamps securely around a 1 3/8” diameter pole. Two adjustable horizontal arms with locking pins allow flexible speaker placement.

Gone are the days of cramming multiple speakers onto one stand. This mount spaces them optimally for stereo imaging. Angle them inward for focused coverage or outward to fill a room. Installation takes seconds – no tools required.

Free up floor space by elevating unused speakers. The mount lets you take full advantage of what you already own. Venues, bands, DJs, schools, and more will appreciate its convenience.

Compatible with a Wide Variety of Speakers

Nearly any PA cabinet with 1 3/8″ pole sockets will work with Starfavor’s mount. Attach up to two 60-pound speakers on each side – 120 pounds total!

Maximize coverage at events by combining a 12″ powered top with a 15″ subwoofer. Or create a multi-use system using 8″ tops for speeches and 12″ tops for music. Even add satellite speakers for customizable monitoring.

The flexibility opens up endless configuration possibilities. Simply mix and match what you need per application.

Adjustable Width from 16.5″ to 24.3″ Per Side

Starfavor’s clever design enables adjustable side-to-side spacing from 16.5” to 24.3” (41.8cm to 61.9cm). The width adjusts in four positions using locking pins, providing a total range of 7.8 inches.

Narrow settings allow closely paired speakers for focused coverage. Wider settings help cover larger areas. Dial in the exact width for optimum stereo imaging at your venue.

The independent adjustment also prevents interference between adjacent speakers. There’s no need to worry about vibrations transferring through the bracket.

Heavy-Duty Steel Construction for Reliability

Stage and event environments demand gear that can withstand abuse. Starfavor builds their dual speaker mount from thick solid steel for maximum durability.

The main vertical pole tube measures a full 1.45” in diameter. Horizontal arms utilize rigid steel as well. Generous welds ensure the assembly remains securely together – no shaky speakers here!

Though extremely tough, the mount only weighs 17.6 pounds. Easy transport and setup compared to bulkier designs. Expect years of flawless performance.

Clamp-Style Mounting for Quick Installation

Starfavor’s dual speaker mount couldn’t be easier to use. The clamp design allows quick installation onto any standard 1 3/8″ speaker pole.

Simply slide the bracket onto the pole and tighten the clamp knobs by hand – no tools required. Loosen the knobs to adjust the height or remove. Total setup takes just minutes.

All mounting hardware is included. Optional accessories like longer poles and caster wheels are also available. Configure your perfect speaker stand solution!

Elevate your sound system with the convenience and flexibility of the Starfavor dual speaker mount. Its smart pole-clamping design enables quick mounting of two speakers in an optimal spaced configuration. Adjustable arms, sturdy steel construction, and universal pole compatibility make it the ideal add-on for mobile and installed audio systems.


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