Starving Students Music Luigi’s Mini Right Angled Eurorack Modular Synth Y-Splitter Cables – Flexible and Compact Splitters for Tight Spaces




Patching cables are the lifeblood of any Eurorack modular synthesizer system. Making the right connections enables you to route signals and create custom sound design magic. That’s why having premium patch cables is so important. Luigi’s Mini Right Angled Y-Splitter Cables from Starving Students Music Supplies keep your patches flowing freely.

Twice the Connectivity in a Tiny Package

Luigi’s M-Doppio splitters give you two output sockets from a single input. Turn one source into two destinations. Compared to normal Eurorack patch cables, these Y-splitters add extra routing capability while taking up minimal space.

The super-compact 15cm length is perfect for connecting modules that sit close together. No more dealing with messy tangled cables that are longer than necessary.

Right Angle Plugs Align with Tight Jacks

The right angle plugs allow you to cleanly patch into crowded module jacks that would be impossible to fit with straight connectors. Route signals effortlessly even in cramped rack spaces.

The four right angle connectors are oriented in the most useful configuration – one vertical input and two horizontal outputs. This ensures the splitter fits ergonomically with the tower layout of most Eurorack systems.

Flexible, Durable Cable Handles Repeated Patching

Each Y-cable is constructed using high-quality 28 AWG copper wire with a braided aluminum shield. This makes them ultra-flexible and kink-resistant while also providing immunity from electronic interference.

The cable can bend freely into any position and retain its shape. And the durable PVC outer jacket stands up to rigorous handling during live performance patching sessions or studio cable swapping.

Snug Connections With Sturdy Nickel-Plated Plugs

The plugs use nickel-plated metal tips for rigidity when inserting into and removing from jacks. The slim profile means they slide into crowded module layouts while still feeling snug so signals don’t cut out.

The splitter’s four plugs are color-coded blue for easy identification. No more guessing which cable is which when making complex patches. The striking neon blue PVC jacket looks great too.

Hear the Difference Quality Cables Make

Low-quality patch cables degrade your modular synth’s sensitive audio signals and cause distortion or dropouts. Each component in your Eurorack rig deserves high-fidelity connections to reach its full potential.

Luigi’s Mini Y-Splitters give your system clean, noise-free patch points. Send pristine control voltage and audio through every module using these top-tier splitter cables.

Mix and Match Splitters for Any Task

Use Y-splitters to:

– Route one LFO to multiple destinations
– Send a single envelope to two modules
– Split audio signals to process through different effects
– Connect one keyboard to multiple sound sources
– And more

With two pack sizes (5cm & 15cm) you can get the perfect length splitters for any patching need. No more stacks of excess cable.

Part of a Complete Cable Solution

Luigi’s M-Doppio mini splitters integrate seamlessly into Starving Students’ wider range of Eurorack patching cables.

Combine them with:

– M-Dritto stackable cables
– M-Par right angle cables
– DIY cable kits

You’ll have pro-level interconnects ready for any patching configuration.

Rigorously Tested for Reliable Performance

Each Y-splitter cable undergoes extensive testing before leaving our facility. We check for:

– Accurate plug dimensions to match Eurorack jacks
– Secure wire-to-plug termination
– Noise-free signal transmission
– Durable construction that won’t break from bending

Only the highest quality cables get the Luigi’s seal of approval to protect your modular investment.

Made With Pride in the USA

Luigi’s Mini Y-Splitter Cables are hand assembled in California using high-grade materials. Buying these Eurorack essentials supports small American businesses and jobs.

We take pride in crafting the best modular synth accessories money can buy so you can focus on creating.


– Two 15cm Y-splitter cables per pack
– 28 AWG flexible, braided wire
– Right angle 3.5mm plugs (nickel-plated)
– Color coded blue PVC jacket
– Slim 4mm diameter won’t block nearby jacks

Take your Eurorack patching to the next level with Luigi’s Mini Right Angled Y-Splitter Cables!


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