STRICH Saddle Drum Throne – Swivel Adjustable Padded Drum Stool for Superior Comfort and Support During Drumming Sessions


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Feel the rhythm coursing through your veins as you sit upon the STRICH Saddle Drum Throne. This extra wide padded drum stool provides unrivaled comfort and support, allowing you to drum to your heart’s content.

The generous 17 inch cushion cradles your backside, made of high-density sponge that molds to your shape. Soft yet sturdy, it prevents fatigue so you can maintain perfect posture and pounding beats for hours. Meanwhile, the thickness of 3.75 inches minimizes pressure points for a plush feel.

Rather than a traditional round seat, the ergonomic saddle design better distributes your weight. This promotes healthy spine alignment and reduces strain on your back and legs. Built for drummers of all sizes, the STRICH Saddle Drum Throne can support up to 350 pounds with its sturdy alloy base.

The heavy-duty double-braced legs and oversized rubber feet keep the stool firmly planted. Even during your most intense drum solos, you’ll remain steady as a metronome. And the slip-resistant pads prevent scuffing or sliding on surfaces.

To find your ideal playing height, simply use the swivel adjustment lever. Just turn the knob and the seat smoothly rises up to 27 inches or down to 20 inches. Once you’ve dialed in the perfect height, lock it into place with an extra tightening knob on the base. This eliminates wobbling or spinning for superior stability.

The rotational mechanism also allows you to pivot a full 360 degrees, providing maximum flexibility. Easily grab a new drumstick, adjust your hi-hat position, or check on your bandmates while keeping rhythm.

All components work together to provide durability that stands the test of time and your drumming passion. From the strong alloy post to the thick stable cushion, the STRICH Saddle Drum Throne is built to last through countless gigs.

Superior comfort. Optimal ergonomic support. Unwavering stability. Adjustability for all drummers. This drum throne has it all. Upgrade your drumming experience with the STRICH Saddle Drum Throne today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the dimensions of the STRICH Saddle Drum Throne?

The seat measures 17 inches wide x 15 inches long. It has a thickness of 3.75 inches. The height is adjustable from 20 to 27 inches.

What is the weight capacity?

This sturdy drum throne can support up to 350 pounds. The heavy-duty base and double-braced legs provide exceptional durability.

What kind of cushioning is used?

The comfortable seat uses high-density sponge padding. This soft yet supportive material molds to your shape and minimizes pressure points.

Can you adjust the height while seated?

Yes, the lever allows easy height adjustment without needing to dismount. Simply turn the knob until you reach your ideal height.

Does the seat rotate or lock into place?

The seat can swivel a full 360 degrees. For stability while playing, lock it into place using the extra tightening knob on the base.

Will the rubber feet scratch or scuff floors?

No, the oversized rubber pads on the bottom are non-marring. They grip surfaces securely without sliding or scratching.

What is the weight of the drum throne?

It weighs approximately 18 pounds. The heavy base provides stability without being overly cumbersome to transport.

What materials is the STRICH Drum Throne made from?

The frame and legs are constructed from alloy steel for superior strength. The seat uses a high-density sponge padding with a durable vinyl cover.

Is assembly required?

No tools are needed for assembly. The seat attaches easily to the pre-assembled base. Just unwrap, attach, and start drumming immediately.

Is this stool suitable for children or smaller drummers?

While designed for adult use, the height adjustability does accommodate a wide range of ages and sizes. However, adult supervision is recommended.


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