SUPVOX Dual Effects Guitar Bass Tube Pedal




Experience studio quality guitar effects in a compact and durable pedal with the SUPVOX Dual Effects Guitar Bass Tube Pedal. This versatile pedal packs a punch, delivering rich tube amplification in a rugged metal shell designed for guitarists and bassists on the go.

All-Metal Design Built to Last

The heavy-duty metal casing protects the inner tube circuitry from bumps and bangs. Weighing in at just 0.99 lbs, this lightweight pedal is easy to transport to gigs or band practice. The compact size fits neatly on your pedalboard, but the true tone tube technology delivers mammoth sound.

Shape Your Sound with Tube Tone

Harness the warmth and responsiveness of tube amplification to take your guitar solos and bass grooves to the next level. The 12AX7 tube gives your sound an organic edge, reacting to your playing dynamics for smooth, singing sustain. Dial in anything from crisp cleans to saturated overdrive.

Intuitive Controls at Your Feet

The two-footswitch design makes it easy to engage effects in real time. Hit the left footswitch to kick in the tube preamp and shape your tone. Then stomp the right footswitch for delay and reverb effects. Use the no-nonsense control knobs to blend just the right amount of echo and ambience.

Flexible Connectivity

The SUPVOX Tube Pedal plays nice with your existing rig. The standard 1/4″ input and output jacks connect to your guitar, bass, and amp or mixer. Power it with the included 9V power supply or an optional 9V battery for portability.

Amp Up Your Tone

Take your guitar tone to new heights by harnessing the power of tube amplification. Unlike solid state pedals, the 12AX7 tube reacts to your dynamics for organic bloom and compression. It adds life and dimension to clean tones and beefs up overdriven sounds.

Craft Classic Rock Leads

The responsive tube gain breathes fire into searing rock solos. Hit the tube preamp for a fiery boost then rip into an escalating lead. The tube captures nuances in your playing for smooth, singing sustain.

Thicken Up Bass Lines

Bassists will love the rich low end and compressed thickness from the 12AX7 tube. Engage the preamp for a smoother, more dynamic bass tone. Dig in and let the tube warmth bloom with your playing dynamics.

Ambient Effects

Use the onboard delay and reverb effects to explore new sonic possibilities. Dial in echoing repeats that decay into space. Add hall reverb for a lush, three-dimensional soundscape. Take delay and reverb to the outer limits of ambient textures.

Gig Ready

The rugged metal housing and compact size makes the SUPVOX pedal ready for the road. Easily secure it on your pedalboard with the included velcro. Power it with a 9V battery for cordless convenience. The smart design is built for guitarists and bassists on the go.

SUPVOX Quality

For over a decade, SUPVOX has designed tube preamps and effects pedals with boutique sound at affordable prices. We hand assemble each pedal and put it through rigorous testing. Buying the SUPVOX Dual Effects Guitar Bass Tube Pedal means you get studio tone you can rely on, gig after gig.

Don’t settle for sterile solid state effects. Take your guitar or bass tone into 3D with the responsive tube preamp and lush ambient effects of the SUPVOX Dual Effects Guitar Bass Tube Pedal. Order today and plug into iconic tube tone.


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