Synthrotek Nandamonium Double Drone Synth w/Echo – Analog Synth Module for Creating Hypnotic Drones, Laser Sounds & More




From subtle drones to screaming lead lines, the Synthrotek Nandamonium packs huge analog sound into a compact, versatile synth module. This innovative circuit based around CMOS chips delivers everything from meditative atmospheres to wild oscillations ripe for mangling. Dial up hypnotic drones, dive bomb effects, laser gun squeals and more through the Nandamonium’s array of controls.

Built around 2404 CMOS chips like those found in the cult-classic Atari Punk Console, the Nandamonium serves up raw, lo-fi square waves with enormous character. The 6 pitch control knobs give you independent tuning over each oscillator’s droning output. From octaves to dissonant intervals, you can create complex shifting harmonies between the oscillators.

### Shape Your Sound:

– 6 Tunable Oscillators – Generate everything from ringing drones to disjointed percussive patterns.

– 2 Level Controls – Mix and blend the analog oscillator outputs to taste.

– Delay Section – Create spacey echoes and runaway feedback with adjustable time, mix and repeat.

– Touch Pads – Instant hands-on control over delay time and echo mix level.

– Warp Switch – Adds density and bright edginess to the oscillators.

– Blast Switch – Trigger momentary delay feedback overload for chaotic effects.

Small in size but huge in sound, the Nandamonium skirts the line between tone generator and noisy instrument. From the instant you patch cables and flip the power switch, you’ll hear why hardware nerds obsess over CMOS chips. These primitive digital components have a vibe and bite all their own, as the Nandamonium’s ripping square waves showcase.

Let the oscillators ring out and interact, then smear their phase patterns together with the warp and level knobs. Introduce some ping-pong delay to thicken the drones into a haze. Adjust the time knob or tap the touchpad to dial in trippy temporal effects. When you’re ready to get crazy, hit the Blast button – it slams the feedback for stuttered alien transmissions.

### Hypnotic Analogue Synth Textures:

Modular synthesists will appreciate the Nandamonium’s versatile sonic palette. From the minimalist drones of early Tangerine Dream to the churning arps of Klaus Schulze, this module delivers. Let it percolate along slowly evolving, or get ferocious resonances happening with feedback.

Pair it with sequencers and filters to create immersive, evolving soundscapes. The delayed textures generated by the Nandamonium make a lush bed for leads and melodic patterns. Processing the raw outputs through distortion or bitcrushing takes things to the outer limits.

Ambient and experimental musicians will enjoy using the Nandamonium as a sound generator. Record long evolving passages direct to tape or DAW, then slice apart later. The delayed echoes create natural rhythmic modulations as the oscillators drift in and out of tune.

### Hardware Synth Inspiration:

Many legendary synthesizers like the ARP 2600, EMS Synthi, and Buchla systems relied heavily on analogue square waves. The Synthrotek Nandamonium Double Drone Synth lets you tap into the hypnotic power of this elemental waveform on a budget.

From the instant you tune and blend the Nandamonium’s oscillators, you’ll understand why classic synths based on CMOS chips and logic circuits have endured. The gritty lo-fi character and unpredictability this primitive digital technology lends is half the magic!

Processing the Nandamonium’s outputs using studio effects pedals opens up many creative possibilities. A little reverb or delay goes a long way to making the oscillations swirl dramatically. Bit crushers and downsampling effects excel at mangling the raw tones into 8-bit mayhem.

### Synthrotek Quality & Support:

Like all Synthrotek creations, the Nandamonium is proudly hand built and tested in Austin, Texas using top quality components. Everything they produce is optimized for use in Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. However, the Nandamonium can also run standalone using a 9v battery or guitar pedal power supply.

All Synthrotek modules come backed by their excellent customer support. They stand behind their products 100% and want you to have the best experience possible creating with their innovative synthesizer instruments. Rest assured you’ll be making mind-melting drones and glitchy oscillations in no time!

The Nandamonium Double Drone Synth Module lets you harness the entropy of CMOS chips to take your modular synthesis into unpredictable sonic territory. From hypnotic sound washes to complete tonal anarchy, this flexible synth tool delivers hands-on analog chaos. Transform your modular system today with the Nandamonium!


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