T-Power 12V DC Charger for Suzuki QChord QC-1 Digital Guitar Synth (Replacement Adapter)


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Keep your Suzuki QChord QC-1 powered up and ready to play with this 12V direct replacement charger from T-Power. Designed for the QChord QC-1 digital guitar synthesizer, it provides a safe, reliable power source to recharge the internal battery.

Compatible With:

  • Suzuki QChord QC-1 digital guitar synth
  • Suzuki QChord QC-I
  • Suzuki Q-Chord QC1
  • Suzuki SP-7 Keyboard
  • Suzuki GAD-700


  • Powers and charges QChord QC-1 guitar synth
  • High quality construction for safety and reliability
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Premium copper wiring for maximum conductivity
  • Durable PVC strain relief prevents cable damage
  • Compact size takes up minimal space
  • 12V DC 2A power supply
  • 5 foot cable length for outlet flexibility
  • LED indicator shows when plugged in
  • CE, FCC, and RoHS certified for safety

Recharge your QChord’s battery safely and efficiently with this T-Power AC adapter. The 12V DC 2A power output provides regulated, stable power to prevent overcharging. Short circuit and overload protection provide added safety for your device and charger.

Premium Materials for Maximum Charging Power

The high quality copper wiring and conductive metal parts allow for optimal power transfer during charging. This results in less energy loss from the wall outlet to your QChord battery. The generous 5 foot cable length gives flexibility for outlet positioning during charging sessions.

An integrated LED indicator lets you know the charger is plugged in and powered on. The LED glows green when operating normally. Durable PVC strain relief gives the cord extra flexibility without cracking or fraying.

Compact Size for Travel and Storage

The compact rectangular adapter body takes up minimal space. It’s easy to tuck into your gig bag or backpack for traveling. The lightweight design adds negligible weight, making it ideal for portable use.

When not in use, the small footprint allows this charger to be stored conveniently in a drawer or accessories box. The low profile plug doesn’t block neighboring outlets like bulky transformer chargers.

Safety and Reliability You Can Trust

With short circuit and overload protection, you can rest assured this charger will safely power your device. It automatically shuts off when detecting hazardous conditions. This prevents damage to your QChord and charger.

Rigorous testing ensures all T-Power adapters meet or exceed safety regulations. CE, FCC, and RoHS certification gives you peace of mind. The durable build quality withstands heavy usage on the road.


This T-Power adapter is specifically designed for the Suzuki QChord QC-1 digital guitar synthesizer. It is also compatible with other Suzuki musical instruments including the QChord QC-I, Q-Chord QC1, SP-7 Keyboard, and GAD-700.

Please double check that your model number matches for compatibility before ordering. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about matching this charger to your device.

Start Recharging Today

Power up your QChord and keep the music going anywhere with this essential T-Power charger. The reliable performance and durable construction keep you charging on the go. Never miss a beat or a chord due to a dead battery again!

Order the T-Power 12V replacement adapter for the Suzuki QChord QC-1 today and enjoy convenient, safe charging for your digital guitar synth.


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